To be an Entrepreneur!

Last Update: October 14, 2018

What skills are needed to be an entrepreneur?

To be an Entrepreneur, what really we need. Just few common items that will take you to the moon. Is it so why everyone is not geeting on that level. But I think it needs atleast right focus on the goal.

Finding and manageing people, learning new thinks and apply them for the business. Self-reflection is very importtant and how sell the product in the market. Resoursce is of the main as well as short or the long term investment.

I believe technology skill is one of the kind you adopt with. Self-reliance is the another one where is a lot of help for the entreprenure, again lot of resurce to be able to successful person.

At the end believe in what you are doing and mistake can happen, but it is cureable.

Good luck.

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marmar463 Premium
Great post. As an entrepreneur, everything is on you to make your business grow but like you said we do make mistakes but they are curable all we have to do is correct the mistakes if we can.

But being an entrepreneur you are your own boss and we can work for ourselves and make money for ourselves. The only difference is we have to work just as hard if not harder to make it work. That is okay because we always do it for someone else why can we do it for ourselves.

Thank you for sharing, Sham.
I agree as an entrepreneur you have to be self reliant to make your business grow.
All three best,