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Last Update: Jul 1, 2022

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Hello WA community,

I hope you are all well. I don´t know about you, but I enjoy writing site comments. Although I have to admit, I have not been constant as I had some issues and setbacks on my site, which I had to take care of, plus the daily research and content writing can be time-consuming (but it gets better with time).

We are all working hard on our sites, and I see site comments as a very important task that I don´t take too lightly. I refuse to write anything on someone´s site that would sabotage their business. Here are my tips for writing a good site comment for those new to this platform.

1) I set aside thirty minutes to one hour of uninterrupted time explicitly designed for this task.

2) I go to a quiet place and set up a timer.

3) I play light, relaxing background music.

4) I have a writing pad and pen to take notes.

5) I read the article on the website and jot down some key points.

6) I formulate the key points into sentences.

7) I write a rough draft and double-check for grammatical errors.

8) Then, I write my comments and send them.

9) I take a 1-minute break before; I move on to the other website.

I do this because I do not want to take something from the other website and confuse it with the new website, which can happen on rare occasions.


Sometimes I read an article on a website, and it´s like Greek to me. If I reread it and I still get crickets, then I will move on to another site or stop at that site because this is someone´s business.

Someone spent time and poured their heart and soul into this, so I prefer to move on than leave an undesired comment that could hurt this person.

Some reviews are so long that it seems to start in Canada and goes all the way to Bolivia. I have a hard time with those because I have to read all of this, take notes, and see how I can add value to this person´s site.

If I have a lengthy review, I take a 5-minute break before I resume.


This platform is a learning experience on all levels. In every area, you can learn something here. From the weekly classes, training, live chat, blogs, site feedback, and site comments, there is always room to learn and grow.

How about you? Do you have a strategy, or are you completely new and have not had the time to write one yet?

I would also like to take the time out to commend everyone who writes superb comments. We truly appreciate your time and efforts. Thank you.

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To tell you the truth, I write only short and supporting comments. Many times I get misunderstood (I assign this to the fact that written comments can be read in various ways depending on someone's emotions at the moment) and I am never angry.

I don't have a strategy because I am very busy in my life and I do it whenever I can and feel the need to respond. I would really love to sort my life out and get some routine instead of being so chaotic.

It's very nice that you have a routine and strategy. That means success which I haven't doubted since we started our first contact here. I am really happy to hear you're progressing.


Thank you so much. I get that writing site comments can be tricky. A lot of times you have to be politically correct.

I have to admit I don´t do this often (maybe 2x a month maximum) because as you said yourself, we are busy with our own content.

But when I do it, I try to do a good job, because I know it´s people's businesses on the line. So I do not leave subpar comments. Perhaps it´s better to not leave a comment than to leave a bad one.

I had a few mishaps with my site as I told you before, and I had to put content on the back burner for a short while to take care of some things.

It feels good to bounce back and this platform gives us the ability to learn in every comment even in site comments and feedback, I have learned so much and I´m still learning.

Thank you for the encouraging words. I send lots of positive energy your way and wish you much success.

I think it’s great to have a routine, you turn it into a habit and you are set for the next week, month and more if you want.

Thanks, Steven.

Site comments are a very important part of WA. I enjoy writing comments although sometimes I am shocked at the way they are rejected. Mostly, I like to read the various articles. I learn a terrific amount.... something for almost every article.

Yes, you are right. You can learn a lot in site comments. That really sucks that some of your comments got rejected.

I hope there was an explanation so that you can make improvements? But don´t let that deter you, someone out there could benefit from your valuable insight.

Thanks, I appreciate that.

Hey there. While I commend your thoroughness, I think it may be a bit overboard for comments. At the end of the day, the site owner can just disapprove your comment and neither you or they lose out because of this.
The main thing to dedicate time to is content on YOUR site. By doing such thorough comments on someone else's site you're mainly helping them, because Google are more likely to rank high their posts if they have good comments. Great for them, but what about your business?
Take care

Thanks, Matt for your reply. I have to point out, that I don´t do this often, as I am busy with content writing and so on, but when I do site comments I take it seriously.

Believe me, when I tell you that I am focused on my site. So far I´ve had no disapproval. Hope I don´t speak too soon.

Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

Awesome, take care!

Thanks, Matt. I appreciate your input.


Great method to use Sue. I haven't left a comment in some time. I might just have another look. Jim

Thanks for sharing, Jim.

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