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Last Update: Jul 30, 2022

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Hello WA Community

So, you´ve been here on this WA platform for a while now.

You first started ready and eager to learn, so you dived in and gave it all everything you had. Then, you got to a point of information overload because it was too much too fast, so you adjusted and made wiser choices allowing yourself time to refresh and spend time with your loved ones or just doing things you enjoyed.

Then the next phase snuck up on you, and you didn´t realize it until it was almost too late. Despair and panic because you came upon a period of; not being able to write content. However, luckily for you, you had the support of a warm and caring WA community, and everyone gathered around you to encourage and pick you up.

Your website was indexed by Google, and low and behold, so were some of your recent posts. You´re putting up new valuable content regularly. More and more of your posts are being googled -indexed, and more visitors are coming to your site. Everything is slowly coming along, right?

Beware the phishing monster. You get an email that informs you that your Cpanel will be updated by an upcoming date, and you need to update or lose your data. You click the confirm button, which informs you that your website is not secure, and you have to fill in the details to report your site as secure. Do not fill in your information.

We are blessed here to have site support. If you have any questions, contact them. There is always someone watching over our sites, every hour of the day and night making sure that the back end is running smoothly.

If you get any email about legal action against you or any emails making undesirable claims, go to the live chat, reach out to a WA member that you trust, or contact site support. You have a great support system here, so please use it to your advantage.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you all success in abundance!

Recent Comments


Hi Sue,

I hope this is not from your own experience. However, it is so good that you have mentioned it because I had a mail yesterday that said my site was not secure. I ignored that email because they told us with premium membership our site gets full support and is totally secure.


Good for you, Nevena.

Wise warnings, Sue! The Scammers are always out in full force!


So true, Jeff.

Yes, indeed, Sue! I hope you have had an excellent day!


So true, Jeff.

Keep on keeping on, Susan!


Thank you for this timely and important information! I also agree that our Site Support is great.


They are very prompt.

They are more than great and very patient too.

Yes they are and — I agree.

I absolutely agree, Sue! 👍


Thanks, Frank.

Thanks very much! This is all very true!


Thanks, Barbara. This is also new territory for most.

Good to know sometimes we rushed to follow those pushing emails without asking where are they from. Thanks for the advice

That´s true Christina. It is so quick to glance past something.

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