Productivity or lack thereof

Last Update: Aug 15, 2022

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Hi WA Fam,

Hope you are all doing fine. Just came up with a poem that perhaps some of you can relate to.

Today I made plans,

only to be led astray.

I just got over one distraction,

yet here comes another one my way.

What´s going on here?

Am I a magnet for derailment?

Okay, the coast is clear

finally, back to square one.

Wait, what? The day has gone?

I looked at my to-do list with bitter disappointment.

Today, I didn´t get s#&t done!

Have a great day everyone!

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Things will get better and you will be productive again. Everyone goes thru these temporary lack of motivations or whatever they are, or maybe there are a bunch of bad things getting in your way. I had problems with my website at the beginning of July that lasted about 2 weeks and really caused me to be much less productive. It happens to everyone. Don't get too discouraged!


Reminds me of someone 😜

I know right! Inspiration.

Love your feature says it all!


Thanks, Mike.

Lol, love it.

Thanks. Have a great week!

I love it!
Describes me to a T:)

Glad you liked it, Tai.

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