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Last Update: Jul 8, 2022

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You have been on a roll for the past couple of days.

  1. Keyword research, check.
  2. Writing material for the next few weeks, check.
  3. Inspiration and motivation to write articles, check.
  4. Time to write your posts, check.

So, you´ve written your articles, double-checked everything, and posted them. You feel like your productivity for the past few days have been spot on.

You are pleasantly surprised by the news that a few of your recent articles are indexed in Google. You are excited and have a big cheesy grin on your face.

You decide to dig deeper. Wait, what? The articles that you thought for sure were a shoo-in did not make it on Google´s radar, and the ones you thought were a dud did? You scratch your head? Are you missing something?

What is the moral of the story?

Google has its criteria for what gets indexed. You may think/feel/strongly believe that some articles may be worthy of indexing. But Google doesn´t always agree. Does Google like an underdog?

Do not despise the little things. The article you feel is not your best work may very well surprise you. So keep writing and posting and wait to see how Google surprises you!

Recent Comments


Good points👍

Thank you.

This is true! Who knows what Google wants? Not me!


Join the club.

100%. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks, Vlad.

Google continually surprises me. Nice one minute, mean the next. I agree, keep on writing. Jim

Thanks, Jim. Never get weary putting up content. You just never know what the outcome will be. The lovely element of surprise.

Yes, Google definitely surprises us when we least expect it. Patience is the key characteristic that affiliates have to possess.

Have a nice weekend, Sue.


Thank you Nevena and same to you.

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