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Last Update: Jun 14, 2022

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Hello WA Community,

I don´t know about you, but the WA Community wasn´t the 1st place I tried to start an online business.

If you´ve watched countless Youtube videos and the like, you have heard many schools of thought on niche selection.

Many Gurus drill about the importance of a niche. You have to find a hot niche. Many people choose the make money online and health niches as a result; among others.

WA is the only place that didn´t add any pressure. The school of thought here is to follow your passion.

But niches are not all the same. If you are new here, you may not know; that some have guidelines to govern them, which is understandable when you think about it.

You may be passionate about that niche, but are you qualified in this area? There are two niches that I know of where certain guidelines do apply. I believe they are the health and finance.

If you are in one of those niches, please don´t panic. Ask yourself, is it possible to niche down even further? And of course, you need to plaster Disclaimers over your website, visibly where everyone can see them.

For example, you are passionate about the stock market however; you don´t have any credentials in this field. How about focusing on budget/savings? How to save money on grocery/utility bills? How to save for the holiday of your dreams? Good money tips for__________. Fill in the blank.

Perhaps you rushed into a niche because it sounded and felt good to you, but then you changed your mind. Don´t panic. Breathe deeply. You will be okay. Chuck it up to a learning experience. The good news is, here, it is possible for you to have up to 10 niches (Premium and Premium Plus).

I want to encourage anyone out there; who thought of giving up because of a wrong niche selection that there is still hope.

Don´t be too hard on yourself.

It is a new experience for most people.

And mistakes will happen. Don´t give up.

Thank you for reading.

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Hi Sue,
Sue and I have been with several MMLs and a few online "businesses". All of them were big busts. We lost a lot of money over a number of years.

What I discovered was you had to "learn" the company's "niche" or products which were usually drinks, health aids of some sort, or other boring (to me) things that I had little interest in.

When we discovered Wealthy Affiliate, we were free to pursue something we were interested in and could build on research more and learn a lot more about the niche. We did this because we were interested in it.

It may happen that some niches may be more difficult for you than you thought they might be. I think it is OK to redirect a niche that didn't turn out like you thought it would. A person shouldn't feel that is a failure. After all, you only fail when you quit.

We have 3 different niches with Wealthy Affiliate. They may not be
mainstream or the overly popular niche but is something we are passionate about. but a niche should be something your like and know something about.

You can always learn more and you should pursue knowledge about your niche. Kyle has told us you don't have to be an expert on a niche but you can learn to be one through research. yourself.

Thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much Bill and Sue for your insightful contribution. I agree with you on many points.

Yes, people really need to be careful about those MMLs.

I really enjoy the atmosphere here, the support, and learning at your own pace to name a few and that´s why I have a yearly subscription.

I think someone can take something from your experience. I know so many people who´ve lost a lot of money chasing Gurus.

I just want to encourage anyone out there who´s struggling in this area.

Thanks for sharing!

Hi Sue,
You are very welcome.

Best wishes always.


Thank you!

Great message to new and old. Sometimes it's easy to get lost or lose focus when selecting the best niche for yourself!


Thank you!

You're welcome!


This is a powerful message Sue. Thanks for sharing :-) Lisa.

Thank you so much.

Awesome insight :-) I subscribe to everything you wrote and, by the way, I was tempted to give up but, unfortunately, or better said - fortunately, I'm too stubborn to do that ;-)
I mean, choosing a health niche - OMG, a good enough reason to give up after you realize what you've actually gotten into...
But if you realize it is time for a change, it's just something that has to be done - just as simple as that :-) Not your case whatsoever. Your website is written in a very professional manner - my honest opinion :-)

Thanks, AnaMaria! You´re too kind.

Always welcome🤗

Thank you for this post I think many of us need to hear that. I know I did

That´s awesome, Timothy!

I thought it could be useful to someone, who is experiencing this.

We all need guidance and encouragement from time to time, especially at the beginning of this journey.

Glad you learned something from this, and now you can pass it along.

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