Profit From Websites With 7 Commandments of Blogging

Last Update: Feb 10, 2014


So, you have come to WA to learn how to profit from websites. But as time goes by, you learn that it's not quite as easy as you thought. The money you hoped for is not falling like ripe apples from a tree. Now what?

Gaining profit from websites is not rocket science; but, there are a few required elements like:

  1. An easily rankable domain
  2. Building a simple website
  3. Promoting your own product funnel or affiliate products
  4. Tons of targeted traffic
Wealthy Affiliate

teaches you how to find a great domain name, how to build a nice-looking, simple website and how to monetize your site with affiliate products. Once your site is launched, the next phase is driving traffic.Obviously, the more traffic you have, the more profit from websites you will have.

But before you do the SEO work, article writing, social media and other traffic driving techniques, you must work on writing a blog post that your audience wants to read.

Excellent bloggers make money with their blogs through a combination of pay-per- click advertising, sponsored ads, promoting their own information products or reviewing and promoting the products of others.

Every blog should have a few simple features.By adhering to the checklist below, you will find it easier to write blogs for your website.

The 7 Commandments of Blogging

1. Title:

•Make your title interesting and informative.

•Be sure to include top keywords you want to rank for in your title.

•No more than 60 characters in the title of your post.

2. Format:

•Choose an eye-catching format for your blog post.

•Use headings and sub-headings with ranking keywords to organize content.

•Keep colors and fonts consistent.

3. Well-written Content:

•Double check for spelling and grammatical errors.

•Use easy to understand language.

•Write in the second voice as though you are speaking directly to your reader.

4. Diversified Content:

•Keep your blog lively and entertaining by adding Info graphics, how-to videos and slide shows.

•Invite guest bloggers to add articles of interest.

5. Colorful Graphics:

•Original, colorful graphics will add interest to your blog.

• Improve your SEO ranking by adding a meaningful caption to each graphic image.

6. Link to Relevant Content:

•Link internally to other (non-competing) blogs and authority sites to support your content.

•Use links from your posts to your landing pages and other posts.

7. Add a Call to Action:

•Make sure each blog post has a specific call to action.

• Your CTA could be “Please leave your comment” or “Download my Free eBook”.

Thanks for reading this post. Please add your comments below for the benefit of the WA community.

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Well that gives me ideas for how to write my blog. I haven't written one yet for real. Thank you for sharing all that. I think that will be a big help.

Glad to be of help. Writing the first one is the hardest. Once you get past will become easier. Plan your blog posts according to the top ten keywords you want to rank for. It's always easier to write from an organized plan.


Very nice informative post. Thanks for taking the time to put it together and for sharing.

Well thank you very much, Betty. I appreciate your comment. ~Rebecca

Thank you so much for the information! We should all keep the 7 Commandments by our computers and cross check any information we are uploading to our websites that it meets the criteria.

We all appreciate you taking the time to create the Commandments!

Thank you, Sharon. It's nice to have your support. I'm glad you enjoyed the post and found some value in it. ~Rebecca

Always worth a reminder!

I know what you mean...stay focused and stick with the basics. Thanks for your comment.

Thank you for this!!! I still struggle with blogging versus article writing and social network writing to drive traffic to my website. Everyday because of my WA membership I believe it will all fall in place ... thanks to members like you -

You are so-o-o-o right! It will all fall into place. It took me quite some time to learn the rudiments but once they are in place you simply have to be diligent in researching your target marketing and writing specifically for them being careful to establish the right keyword density in your post. You can do this!

Thanks for your comment. ~Rebecca

very helpful

Glad it helped! Thanks for your comment.

So much information in one post. I needed this because of your quote: "The money you hoped for is not falling like ripe apples from a tree. Now what?" I guess that's where I'm at. I don't expect "falling from a tree" but a few would help. :)

I hear you Virgie! We are all here to make a profit. Once of the activities I do to keep my self motivated is to study successful bloggers. Once you find out what they have done, you can model their success. Some niches take a while longer to gain traction and traffic than others.

You will not fail, Virgie....unless you quit. That was a hard lesson for me. I had to make several adjustments to my business model and writing style before I saw any cash flow.

You can do this! Kyle likes to say, "Give me a year and I'll teach you how to succeed with internet marketing."

Thanks for your comment!

I LOVE this! I have talked with so many people that ask how much money I make with my online business. People have to understand that it takes time to do it right, just like starting a brick and mortar business. Thanks for this awesome post- it's going into my favorites!

Thank you, Tracy. I'm with does take time to do it right. My first site failed because I failed to identify what my readers were looking for. I added a ton of content that didn't relate well. Needless to say, I've learned a lot since then. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to blogging. ~Rebecca

Awesome advice!

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. Sometimes I write to keep myself reminded of what I need to be doing more of! :)

Brilliant idea. That way you can help others and remind yourself at the same time. I may have to follow that example... :o)

Great post and nice to see you again rebecca :)

Thanks, Steve. I have been busy building my local marketing company. I'm glad you found value in this post.

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