How to Build a Profitable Business Mantra

Last Update: November 15, 2013

      Learning how to build a profitable Business Mantra is an essential step in developing a money-making website for four reasons. A well-developed business mantra:

        ·Gives you clarity and focus.

        ·Informs your thinking and decision-making.

        ·Inspires action.

        ·Keeps you on track.

      Start by Defining "What Is a Business Mantra?"

      Years ago I thought anything labeled “mantra” was a Hindu term for a chant. In the context of today’s business world, a mantra holds a different meaning.

      Many well-known entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey have intuitively used their business mantra to build a financial empire.Once Oprah recognized her gifts and passion for broadcasting she focused all of her time and energy into becoming a success. “I was called to talk, to use my voice in some way,” she says. It was her passion and love for serving people that would become appealing to audiences worldwide.

      Oprah Winfrey wove her passion and true calling for intuitively interviewing famous people into her business mantra using the “joy of teaching and discovering new perspectives to bring stillness, peace and glorious moments” to become the billionaire she is today.

      Walt Disney had a very simple business mantra which was “dare, dream, do.” He became a multimillionaire by using his gifts for creative inspiration and his passion for helping children of all ages dream.

      Steve Jobs had a mantra which was, “to make a ding in the universe”. Last I heard he made a considerable ding by using his gifts of insight and innovation to change the way people communicate on planet earth.

      Here is my definition of a Business Mantra:

      Before you can write your Business Mantra you have to be clear on your values. You must decide what is most important in your life. Trust me, when hard times come, you will be tempted to compromise. Being clear on those things you consider most important will keep you on track throughout your life journey even if you have to make temporary adjustments to your plan.

      3 Steps to Writing Your Business Mantra

        1.Identify your innate gifts (Strengths)

        2.Identify your core skills (Methods)

        3.Identify who you are compelled to serve (Niche)

      Understand that your Business Mantra is your creative strategy for how you will use your gifts and skills to make money. There is no point to writing your Business Mantra unless you want to make money.

      Successful website owners are entrepreneurs who use their gifts and core skills to build a profitable website. They are clear on who they serve which means they know exactly what their customer (visitor to their website) wants.

      Once you have clearly identified all of the above, you can use a simple template to write your Business Mantra.

      Here is an example:

      Using my gifts of inspiration and communication I will empower Christian women who are aspiring to become business owners to have financial independence and enjoy their lifestyle of working from home by writing, speaking, teaching and coaching.

      Putting it all together becomes easy when you have discovered your gifts, identified your core skills, know who feel compelled to serve and know what methods to use to serve your niche. In the above example you can see that I have defined my strongest gifts, I have clearly defined who I feel compelled to serve, I have stated the results that my niche hopes to enjoy and I have stated the methods or vehicles I will use to reach and convert my target audience.

      Being clear with your business mantra will help you:

        ·Develop a marketing mindset

        ·Build a more compelling website

        ·Monetize your website with products and services that serve your niche

      Now it’s your turn.Write your Business Mantra and share with the Wealthy Affiliate community.

      Thanks for reading.

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Hari S Nair Premium
Very well said...a mantra is very important for motivation and encouragement..I will choose mine today( not the ritualistic ones as you thought earlier..:P)
rebeccas Premium
Thanks for chiming in. You are's good to have an anchor for creating online business.
kws123 Premium
Definitely thought provoking but it's been a long day, will give it more consideration in the morning.
rebeccas Premium
It's good to have something think about. Thanks for your comment,Ken.
acoolmil Premium
You help people to focus on the fact that this is a marketing business Rebecca. In the old days was this known as a Mission Statement, or is a business mantra more targeted to specific objectives.

rebeccas Premium
Thanks for your comment, Con. Yes indeed...we are in a marketing business. As such we need a marketing mindset and a mantra that is easy to grasp.

You are so right, the modern day Business Mantra is much like a Mission Statement stated in terms of what you intend to do to help your customers get the results they hope for.

I see a lot of websites here that lack specific focus. I hope this article helps.

OldCodger Premium
Excellent, Rebecca! There's a great deal here, hard to absorb and implement in one reading - so I'll be coming back and going over it quite a few times to distill my own mantra. Serious thinking ahead! :) george
rebeccas Premium
So happy that you found some value. Whether or not you have clearly stated your business mantra it is most likely that you are intuitively following an inner guiding instinct that has led you to where you are today.

By refining it, you will develop the clarity and focus you need to turn visions of success into the reality you deserve.

Sail on my friend!
jrswab Premium
Wow, thanks for this. Very deep and insightful, I am going to try this out tomorrow :D
rebeccas Premium
Thanks for your comment. I know from experience that knowing exactly who it is that you are compelled to serve will lead you to exactly what they want and need. I also know that each of us have gifts and strengths that work within to guide us in our life work.

Thanks for reading; but more importantly, thanks for your decision to act!