My accident with Google and duplicate content.

Last Update: November 18, 2012
Here's my recent experience with Google and how accidental duplicate content stopped my site from getting indexed.

I had just joined WA and was very eager to get started. I went through course 1 and created my first site with some content of 400 words. This was before I knew anything about keyword research and what to name my site etc. I then came back the next day and progressed through the rest of the course. During this I found it would have been better to name my site the same as the keyword phrase I wanted to target. This meant I needed to change the name of my site and the only way I could do this was to delete it and start a fresh. What I didn't realize is, during that time my site had been added to Google's index. Anyway I deleted and created a new site, added lots more content to the original 400 words and also created my first article which got published on street articles (I was really happy about that BTW). A few days later I checked to see if my new site had been indexed and it hadn't. What I found was the old site I deleted was showing for the new keywords I had added to the new version of the site.

My new site was now not being indexed because of the duplicate content in Google's index. The only thing I could do to fix this was to delete the 400 word duplicate content on the new version and hope that Google would pick this up, drop the old site and index the new one.

My site should now be indexed properly but it will take some time for that to happen. So the lesson learned here is, make sure that your website name is absolutely what you want it to be before creating it and also to be careful if you do need to change it. Make sure that your old content hasn't been indexed, otherwise you might have the same problem I have. This is also a good example of how very strict Google are with duplicate content.

Anyway, sorry for the long winded post but it was the only way I can explain what happened and it might stop someone else from going down the same path I did!

Wishing you all much success,

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WVLadyRebel Premium
I didn't find your post too long and it was very helpful. Made we a bit nervous just thinking about it. I am learning and every post I can read is only helping me more. I do so appreciate everyone here at WA. Thanks so much for the info!
Freedomseekr Premium
Great post, I found it very informative and helpful...I didn't realize that could happen! Thanks for sharing and I hope everything goes well with your new site! -Sherry
SeasonGirl Premium
That wasn't long winded in fact I found it interesting and helpful, thank you.
Sherion Premium
Great post Richard. When we are learning we do make mistakes. I made more than my share of them. Thanks.
@RICH. Premium
Great explanation, Richard, and a timely warning. It also applies to registering and paying for own domains. Most registrars consider a domain name sale final. So always check. And check again. Before hitting the "BUY" button! I wish I had. Rich.