Does WA Work? - I've Made $1000+ With The WA Affiliate Program

Last Update: October 16, 2019

Are you wondering whether WA works or not? Is WA like one of those other programs you've tried that is going to take your money and give you junk in return?

You might have paid for various other programs and are now skeptical of WA because you've lost your money. Trust me, because I've been through it too.

I've been in MLMs and other direct selling companies and even bought into scams online that never gave me the knowledge nor taught me the skills that I needed to become successful.

All except WA. WA is the exception because with WA, I've actually made a profit.

Sure, it took me longer than expected to start making money. I was one of those slowpokes but I never gave up. If I did, I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't have been writing this success post.

Malls Are Almost DEAD!

I actually started with WA around the time that I was closing down my physical store, realizing then that physical stores were one day going to be dead.

I mean, take a look at Sears and Zellers in Canada, or even Toys R' Us in the USA. They didn't make the move online and what happened? They closed down/are closing down. Those were retail giants.

What chances, as a small shop owner, did I have to remain afloat? I was already losing because the expenses to run my business were through the roof!

The rent alone was over $4000 and additionally, I had to think about replenishing stock, paying the internet and phone bills that are crazy high in Canada, paying my employees, paying for repairs around the store or buying new mechandising accessories and so on.

What baffled me was that the mall was NOT satisfied with the rent I was paying and had to share in the profits that I was making too and it was NOT a few dollars. They wanted 18% of my profits!

Instead of encouraging people to rent with them by lowering costs and making it easier for small people like us to start their own businesses, they want us to bleed money to death.

It's getting easier and easier to sell online nowadays and they don't realize they're going to be out of business in the years to come, as more and more businesses go bankrupt or close down.

Or maybe they do know that and don't care, as long as they're making money in the interim? I don't even know but I've had enough of it!

That's when I thought, I'm going online! And that's when WA came into my life.

FREE Membership - $19 First Month - $47 Per Month Thereafter

What are these costs compared to the number of scams that I've lost money to and the nightmare that I've been through with my store? These are NOTHING!

What are these costs compared to the amount we usually have to pay to graduate from college or university? I mean, my sister's in Physio college right now and she is $100K in debt!

What are these costs compared to the amount of money we spend unnecessarily every single month, eating out or buying brand named clothing and shoes?

And what about costs of being an employee? "Oh what costs?", you ask? You never noticed them is all.

You need to BUY appropriate attire for work. Employee cost.

You need to BUY appropriate footwear. Employee cost.

You need to BUY gas to get to work. Employee cost.

You need to BUY the bus ticket to get to work. Employee cost.

You're ready to BUY all this for the sake of trading your time for money to make your employer rich but aren't prepared to do the same for yourself?

Go premium because that's the best thing that you can ever do for yourself.

It's free to try WA, yes.

That's why I decided to try it for Free but I went premium within the first 3 days. It's a platform from where I could run my entire business, for one low monthly payment.

I even decided to go yearly which saved me a ton of money! What other business opportunity out there will only require you to invest $359 per year and run your online business, with no other cost, except your domain name?

With affiliate marketing, I don't have to pay rent, I don't have to replenish stocks, I don't have to pay bills on top of what I'm already paying at home and I don't have to share my commissions or my profits with anybody.

Believe me, it's the best business model and one of which has the highest potential for success!

If you haven't gone premium yet, DO IT NOW! I personally have nothing to gain since most of you reading this are going to be other people's referrals. I'm just putting things in to perspective for you.

Business Struggles - They're Real!

Now, don't go thinking that because you're paying for the membership that you're gonna be making $1000 within a short period of time because that's not gonna happen. At least not for the average newbie.

You need to shift from that EMPLOYEE mindset to the BUSINESS mindset.

I started with no knowledge and every time I thought I was getting ahead, something happened that pulled me back. I kept working through it though, because I believed in myself and in WA.

People were making it happen for themselves, why couldn't I make it, right?

My first struggles were not working on my online business consistently, until the 9th month, because I was still dealing with the closing of my shop. Then I made my first sale in Month 10. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to quit during those first 10 months and if I had, then I couldn't have experienced the thrill of my first sale.

Then, I had trouble with somebody copying my content. I had to slow down to deal with that.

Afterwards, although I was consistently producing content, my business was doing bad and that's due to the Google Algorythm updates. That's when I learned the importance of diversifying the source of my website visitors.

I couldn't rely on SEO alone because I had taken a bad hit. My traffic was reduced by 70% and I had to work my butt of to bring it back up again. I didn't make a sale for 3 months while I was still working on figuring it out.

It took some time but now, I'm finally out of it. And that's how I have now crossed the threshold of making $1000+ from the WA affiliate program.

I'm Not Telling You All This To Brag...

Not at all. I'm not telling you my story so that you can admire me and tell me in the comments that I've been brave and that it was good I didn't give up, I kept working for it and so on. Although if you want to, you can... lol

I'm already proud of myself to have gone through this all and survived. It certainly didn't feel pleasant or comfortable when I was actually going through it, I can tell you that. It was horrible, feeling that I was giving it my all and that I just wasn't getting there.

No, I'm telling you my story because I want to show you that a real business takes sacrifices. It takes hard-work. It takes sweat and blood. It takes a seriousness that is out of this world.

If you don't promise yourself today to get over every single obstacle that comes your way and to NOT give up no matter what, to find solutions each time a problem arises, to keep going no matter how much money you're making or not making, then you're going to fail.

It all looks so good on paper, when we do the math, doesn't it? If I make this many sales, that's how much money I'll be making. It reminds me of when I wrote my goals, thinking that I was going to be a miracle and start making that within 6 months of starting my online business, even if I knew better.

But things never work according to plan because life happens. Deal with whatever you need to deal with in your life and come BACK to WA at the end of the day. You need to work on it as if you were an EMPLOYEE of your own business, at least for the first year

Even if you're not making any money.

Because you can find the time to go to work and push your life aside for 8 hours of the day, all for your employer. Why can't you do it for you?

That's the business mindset. I know at the end of the day bills need to be paid but you also deserve way more than being an employee, where somebody else put a worth on your time and on YOU.


And take responsibility for yourself. Take a stand for yourself. Take a stand for your family. You deserve much more than what you have now. And nobody is gonna give it to you on a silver platter.

Everything rests on YOU! Everything is up to YOU!

Thanks for reading and if you need any help at all, have any quesions at all, or just simply want to tell me how great, amazing and awesome I am, you can do so in the comments.... lol

Lots of Love,


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JohnFIII Premium
Very informative and even motivational. Thanks.
RDulloo Premium
You're very welcome, John. I'm so happy that my story/post was motivational to you. That's what we need from time to time, to keep moving.
ecomtom Premium
Congrats on your success, and thanks for the encouragement. Tom
RDulloo Premium
Hello Tom and thanks for reading. :) Wishing you the best.
APouliot Premium
Well said! I couldn't agree more with you :) And congrats for your $1000+ :D
RDulloo Premium
Thanks, Audrey... :) I used to look up to those people earning their first dollar online and I did it! Now I'm at $1000+ promoting WA alone. I never thought I would get this far at the beginning, but now I can see myself earning 100K... It's really possible.
APouliot Premium
Awesome! :D My traffic just started to grow so I can't wait for my turn to arrive, I'm confident and working hard every day :)
RDulloo Premium
That's what I like to hear! You work it, Girl!

Congrats on getting more and more traffic. It's all a number's game. Get enough visitors and a percentage will click. Get enough clicks and a percentage will buy.

You'll get there! You can do it!
APouliot Premium
Thank you for this encouragement :D
jamesprc Premium
Amazing progress and growth curve, Reyhana! Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing your results, it's really motivating :D
RDulloo Premium
Thank you James.. :) I'm happy to motivate and inspire and I'm so happy to share.
Bald Eagle Premium
The biggest scam on the Internet:
Free to Join
Huge ($19.00) up-sell
Second huge (hugest in history) up-sell - $49.00 a month or really con you into the Annual Black Friday deal of $299.00 per annum.

And then they chuck in for free web-hosting, keyword tool, training, 24/7 community support, cheapest domains on the planet (see another up-sell), best site support on the planet, weekly live training webinars - the list goes on and on.

All this money scammed from one and all you get is a limitless income option (for which you have to work)

Nah not for me - I think I'll take up that other offer for $999.00 up front offering $1,000.0 per day return. Sounds much more lucrative and is clearly easier ....

RDulloo Premium
Thanks for that, lol!

Many people believe that paying more will result in them getting more, but that's not necessarily the case, as we can see from your example... ;)
Quinn2 Premium
I really like your post. It's very inspiring. Hard work and perseverance gain all the success through WA.
Have a blessed day. :)
RDulloo Premium
Thanks for reading Quinn and I'm glad that it has inspired you. There is hard work involved with anything worth having. My moto is never give up!

Good luck and I wish you the best.