$100 In A Single Week + SAC Update + New DOMAIN!

Last Update: October 09, 2019

Hello all my dear WA friends,

Just wanted to share some exciting and not-so-exciting things that happened within the 1 week of October. I've been a busy bee for sure and I have my rankings at WA drop because of that. Does not really matter, because my business is doing better!

But I was also very stupid, seeing as I tried to lift a heavy garbage bad, that left me with a hernia in my lower left pelvic area, where the thigh meets the pelvis. So painful, guys! I can't even sit without wincing in pain.

I'm waiting on an appointment now with a surgeon to see if the surgery will be ncessary or not. I'm praying it won't be because I've been through a surgery before and it wasn't fun! I can't imagine missing work because I'm on contract.

Not sure how that will work and it's scary.

But anyways, enough of the depressing stuff. The exciting stuff is that within the first 9 days of October, I've had 20 referrals! That's the most that I've ever had in almost a single week.

I was starting to get disappointed again, seeing as my numbers weren't as good in September. That might be due to the fact that school had just started and people were focusing more on getting their children comfortably back to school and getting into the routine.

The good news is that I've made 2 recurring sales and a new sale within WA, all within the first week of October. It's so exciting seeing as that's the highest I've ever earned in a single week alone from WA.

Additionally, I also made $47 in commission from another program that I'm promoting, which brings my income to over $100 in a single week! I'm so happy!

In terms of SAC, I'm on track and I'm keeping to publishing 12 - 15 posts a month but it's lower than I'm used to. I used to write and publish one a day but that's proving to be hard since I started the contract job.

But anyways, my website is picking up on traffic and it's amazing that I'm now getting upwards of 200 visitors on some days, such that I'm now up to a monthly count of 3700 visitors to my website per month.

My bounce rate is lower, my average position on Google is better, my clickthrough rate is getting better too. Oh and let's not forget about my adsense earnings. That has picked up too.

I also can't believe that I'm close to 300 subscribers on my Youtube Channel. It might not sound a lot, because there are people that have millions of subscribers, but my Channel is growing faster than I anticipated.

Additionally, I purchased another domain name. I have been doing the Keto diet and lost 42lbs in 5 months. I guess I've also been busy with that which prevented me from working on my business but I felt that there was a balance too that way.

This new domain is around the Keto diet and how it has helped me. My main business is still the make money online niche and I know Google might not look favorably on my Keto website, but I want to help as many people as possible discover this diet.

I want to answer common questions people may have and just share my experiences, be it positive or negative. I just want to help others with this website and if it grows to be a business that'll bring me money eventually, then I'll be even happier.

But that's all, folks. Slow and steady wins the race, is all I can say at this point. :) It's a marathon and not a sprint. You just gotta work at it and be patient!

Lots of Love,


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amhil23 Premium
That's amazing! My website finally recovered at the end of September after 4 months of my traffic nosediving. I literally went from 200 organic visitors to 8 on specific day.

Those were some dark time ya know...

The good news now is that it's gone up to 80 - 100 organic visitors now and the referrals are coming in strong too. In fact literally in the last 9 days alone I've managed to bring in 16 new referrals, just 4 short of yours.

So yeah, October is looking like a solid month, for both us and who knows, if this upwards trend continues, we may both very well be heading to Vegas next year.
RDulloo Premium
Thanks, Amhil. It was the same thing for me. The June update really had a bad impact on my website but I fought it through and my website is back up to where it was before the update hit.

I've recovered and I'm doing even better on the referral side of things.

I definitely agree that those were dark times and I'm so happy for you that you're also recovering. Things like this will happen from time to time and we have to be strong enough to keep going, no matter how many times we are brought down.

Yea, wow! Looks like it's going to be a good month for the both of us. Don't want to jinx it though lol! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the both of us.

Ohh Vegas! That would be a dream come true!
amhil23 Premium
I honestly do see vegas happening for you, at this point it's all about committing real hard and maybe within the next 6 months, your stats will be on the optimum pace for vegas!
RDulloo Premium
Thank you Amhil. And I see it happening for you too because you're getting such great results! Let's go meet Kyle and Carson and the other WA super affiliates some day.. :)
Jadatherapy Premium
Congratulations and Congratulations Reyhana

You are doing great with your businesses.

Keto diet brilliant stuff and well done.

I met a lady that lost 12 stones on the keto diet - Amazing

Keep up the great work you are doing

Here's to making it happen


PS: Hope you feel better soon and all goes well
RDulloo Premium
Thanks so much Jennifer. It's definitely on the right way on and up... lol

Yupp, it's crazy how people are losing weight on keto. Many people have a misunderstanding when it comes to the diet but I want to change that! i want to educate others.

It's become my lifestyle and the way that i'll eat for the rest of my life, not only because of weight loss, but also due to the health benefits; acne has disappeared, the obvious weight loss, no more bloating, no more migraines and vertigo.

It's just all round very good for the body.

And thanks for your well-wishes. How are things going with you?
Jadatherapy Premium
You are welcome Reyhana

Would love an update on your new website.

All the benefits that you have noticed within yourself will give you tons of content to create. lol

Things are going great with me, still building my SAC website and getting as much content on their as possible.

Busy busy busy but lot's of fun.

Have a great day

RDulloo Premium
I will definitely write about this new website and that's true! Because I've myself experienced it, it's gonna give me tons of content to write about.

It's good to hear that things are going good with you. That's always the goal, right? To get as much content out there as possible.

I see my reviews/posts now as gateways to my website. The more gateways, the better.. :)

The most important part, like you say, it's that you're having fun doing it! That's what makes us stick with it!

Wishing you great successes!
Jadatherapy Premium
Yes because you have done the hard part and this was learning all this new amazing stuff.

So now you can put it to use in something that you will love and enjoy more.

Have a great weekend

ChrisP3 Premium
Great, Congratulations. Hope the injury gets better soon. Chris
RDulloo Premium
Thank you so much, Chris. I appreciate it.. :)
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Reyhana! These are wonderful feats! Great job, my friend! I hope to have that many referrals in a week! That's just awesome! Your success is an inspiration! I'm headed off to think of more ideas! Thank you for sharing your progress with us! Congratulations!
RDulloo Premium
Thank you, Heidi! You definitely will, as long as you keep going. I'm so happy that my success story is inspiring to you. I hope to inspire others as others have inspired me too.. :)
ecomtom Premium
Congrats! Continued success! Tom
RDulloo Premium
thank you Tom.. :)