Goal Setting

Last Update: August 21, 2017

It is vitally important when setting goals to have a particular idea of what you want and when you want it, for instance, your financial goal should be a specific amount within a certain timeframe, it's like have a roadmap when you're traveling. You need to have some idea of where you're going & how long it's going to take you to get there, otherwise you're just traveling blindly through life not knowing where you're going & when you'll get there. It's always a good idea to write your goals down where you can view them often.

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Jaunesk Premium
Goal Must bigger than what we can do now.

Most people set goal base on their current ability as such their goal is limited by their current mindset. Goal should be set on what seems impossible right now base of our current ability, with that in mind we can then find ways and resources to achieve it.
Rdtaylor Premium
I agree
abdul11 Premium