Defining Success With A Goal

Last Update: September 21, 2017

Most people aren't sure or even know exactly what success is, therefore they have no idea how to achieve it. As Earl Nightingale put it, success is a progressive realization of a worthy idea! If you look back on history at guys like, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomason Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Henry Ford Just to name a few, They all achieved success and it started with just one idea! they took those Ideas with a goal in mind to make those ideas a realization. Without a goal to make their ideas a realization, those ideas would be just that, ideas lying dormant. their lives would have never changed and the world wouldn't have progressed to what is has become today. Without Ideas & goals, we are like ships without rudders being tossed about to and fro with every wind of change, not knowing where we're going or how and when we'll get there, just hanging on hoping that we'll get there safely. I realize this business may not be for everyone but for those of us who have come aboard, Wealthy Affiliate has given us an opportunity to come up with ideas & to share this opportunity & those ideas with others, This is our ship with rudders complete with training videos (roadmap). It is our "goal" to make these ideas a successful realization.

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I agree
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Goal setting (and achieving) is our road to success!!