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Last Update: Dec 4, 2022

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This is my Top Traffic Channels 40% Referrals, 22% Direct 17% Organic

This shows referrals from other websites. If someone could help me understand these Analytics, that would help me a lot.


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Hi Rachele,

Okay, here's a breakdown.

Your website has received 662 PAGE VIEWS in the last 28 days.

This IS NOT individual visitors, but how many different posts and pages on your website people have visited.

So, in effect, it's more likely that you've perhaps had 200-300 (approximately) different people visit your website in the last 28 days.

40% of your page views (266) have come from REFERRAL.

This will mean that visitors have been referred from another website.

The vast majority of referral traffic for WA members is OTHER WA members visiting your site.

You can get a breakdown of this within Analytics, but I don't wish to confuse you be getting too technical.

So, your "referral" traffic is likely to be other members visiting your profile and clicking through to your website.

Perhaps, you've requested comments or feedback on your site.

This will ALL count as referral traffic.

Next, Direct traffic is 145 page views in the last 28 days.

Direct traffic can come from a variety of sources, sometimes this will be completely unknown to us, and we will never be able to work it out.

However, more often than not, it is people coming directly to your website, e.g. they already know your website domain, or they have visiited your website before, so it is saved in their browser history.

Plus, if you have not excluded your own ip address in Google Analytics, there is a huge chance that these 145 page views are in fact YOU.

Think about how often you visit your website on a daily basis. Writing articles, making amendments, staring at in lovingly, LOL, etc.

Next, you have organic SOCIAL with 111 page views in the last 28 days.

This is more likely to be REAL visitors (although the Referral and Direct will also have some REAL visitors, but I'm going to guess that they're mainly WA members and you).

SO, from sharing your posts on social media, a certain number of people have made 111 pages views, so as an example, 18 people have viewed 6 different pages on your site each, and one person has viewed 3 pages.

As I say, you can delve deeper into Google Analytics and Google Search Console to get a better idea of exactly how many people are coming to your site, what articles they are viewing, etc.

Perhaps I'll do a more up to date training on this soon, so people can understand how to properly view all their traffic stats.

You can actually learn a lot from these stats and learn what Google likes, so you focus on more of that content.

Watch this space, I'll come up with something new soon.

Does that all make sense?


Thanks Partha, more clearer now. Watching this space for more details from you. Thanks again for the explanation 👍

A question please. You said

" Plus, if you have not excluded your own ip address in Google Analytics, there is a huge chance that these 145 page views are in fact YOU."

Does Google track when we are logged into our site editing or publishing and count that further throwing the numbers off?

Yes, if you don't exclude your ip address it will count each time you visit your website as a page view.

Obviously, when you are creating, amending, adding, etc. you are not on the website, but rather, in the back office.

However, as soon as you click publish, you are in effect "visiting" your website again.

So, as an example, you write an article in your back office and then publish it.

You go to see how the "finished article" looks = 1 view.

You spot something wrong, go to edit, make amendments, piublish again, and then go to your website again = 1 more view.

Essentially, you personally could account for 10-20 page views a day on your website just from doing "normal things".

If you want to know how to exclude your ip address I have a very special piece of software that does this for me, it's known as OldFluff/Diane!!! Hahahahaha!!!

If she's about, and reads this, I'm sure she'll reply.

If not, just give her a nudge and she's explain the quick and easy way (apparently) to do this!!

Just sent you a PM, as excluding your IP address doesn't stop Google from tracking your admin visits; they need to be filtered separately.

Hi Jason - yes, is the short answer, and Partha has provided the long answer, lol.

Let me know if you want me to PM you the instructions.

Thank you. I'll need to exclude for sure, as well as find out how to figure out what my IP is for both my phone and desktop once I get analytics up. I check it several times daily figuring out what I need next topic wise for a silo type foundation.

It's funny, when I first got here not long ago I was envious that Diane had you to do the keyword research. But after your post on how many monthly hits your joint venture is doing coupled with your mentioning here that Diane is taking care of the analytics as well as writing more, I do believe I am now more envious of you for having Diane than I was of her having you, hahahahaha. You da man. Virtual high five.

You're my new best friend, lol.

How would I know that, when you do it ALL for me!!!!


Jason may also be interested in Motiin Invest if he PMs you, I know he's looking a flipping websites, which gets me to thinking that we should create a few with just 5-10 articies each and see how much they sell for!!

Yes, I would like that, thank you.


Yes, I will mention it to him.

The minimum they offer sites for is $800.

I just googled them. I've been studying the outer face of blogs for some time, and was looking into Empire Flippers once I determined I would never want to try my hand at Flippa which came across to me as a low value borderline scam platform.

Obviously I'm about as far on the spectrum of fitting in there, but will also look into the Motion Invest as well for when that time comes.

Thank you.

That's good. I don't think I would want to attempt selling a site unless it was valued at least 5 figures. Seems once you would start getting to that point it has a cash flow to help in figuring out how to build it out more.

Gosh, ParthaB

Another Masterclass.
Give me two weeks to digest some of the potions.

Really appreciate it a lot.


Thanks Partha

I have no idea what the stats mean but I will share so I can get
clarification. I'M glad you are here Partha.


Thanks, Partha

This is excellent information.
I look forward to your training
regarding Google Analytic


I was honored to be the one visit that made your excellent response a featured comment, PP!


Great point!

Diane...You're definitely the "wo-man" for sure!!!

P.S. Don't get jealous, I love you to Prince P...Hahaha!

Hey Diane,

Would you PLEASE PLEASE PM me the instructions too?

Of course, sending in a couple of mins.

Thank you So Much, Queen of Fluff...Haha!

Prince P,

If you do end up doing a training on analytics that would be great, you would definitely be da my eyes...Although you know you're the Princely apple of my eye anyway...Hahahahaha!

Thanks for the question, Rachele. And thank you Partha for the clear and simple answer.


Hi Rachele,

Unfortunately, I know nothing about this and cannot help. But I am also curious about what everyone shares on this topic.

Thank you for asking this question.

Have a wonderful day!

Thanks, Cathy

ParthaB broke it down and I have study his notes. But I work nic shift so I'll sign back in at about 8 or 9p.m. PST West Coast.

Have a great Sunday 💖

Sorry can’t help lol 😆

Thanks Kids,

ParthaB came to my rescue.

Yea see me and google have a strained relationship and I am looking to devoirce them again lol 😆

Hey babygirl,

I work the noc shift so signing off.
I need help figuring what this stuff means Kids.


Understood 😆

Thanks, Kida

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