What are the guidlines for writing blog posts here on wa?

What are the guidlines for writing blog posts here on wa?

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What are the guidelines for writing blog posts on WA?

No, Calvin. I am not just now wondering about this (shouting-not really), but this is not the only place I post :) (really smiling), and each place has its own rules. I just needed to be refreshed on a couple of questions.

I certainly want to follow the rules anywhere I am a guest--When I know what they are.

I did find the info again beside where you click to send the blog post.

Thank you for taking the time to copy that info.

Hmmm....."Carson and Kyle made the rule, not I, [I didn't say you did] and if you don't like their rules [I didn't say I don't like their rules] well you should have read the WA TOS more carefully prior to joining, because in the TOS, you will find it is either comply with their rules of the WA platform [I did read, and that was a long time ago.] Hmmm.....

Again, though I really do thank you for the time you put in on this answer, and my replies are mostly lighthearted.

Hey there Randy,

You have been a WA member since 2008 and are just now wondering this?


I sorry but I find that extremely funny.


First off, the blog rules that PHILMANC quotes used to be posted at the bottom of the window where you wrote WA blogs (as Keisha Posted).

They are not there anymore?

I addressed this issue in the bug thread, (screenshot provided) with no answer from Carson or Kyle on the issue yet. Maybe this post will get them to announce off-topic blogs are now allowed or fix the error and address the off-topic blog issue. I have noticed, they don't like making official rules or guidelines for some reason? Even though the rule helps to protect their website/platform's search engine SERPS just like it would for a website that you or I would own?

If you read rule number 3 (Phil did not number them).

RULE: 3: Keep the conversation on topic. YOUR BLOG HERE IS TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH WA AND WITH CREATING YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS ONLINE. (Sorry about all caps but you can't underline material to create emphasis). Your website is for posting "niche" related content, so keep anything that is relevant to your niche there. You don't want to waste your awesome niche content by posting it somewhere other than your site.

My interpretation of this rule is that no off-topic blogs are allowed, if your WA blog is not directly related to your experience here at WA: it's considered as SPAM and it is a No, No. This topic has received some very heated discussions within the last year, so heated in fact, that members have quit because of the way they were treated.

If you would like I have a complete screenshot copy of the blog post and the discussion thread that followed, that I am talking about in this blog: (Please read the discussion thread of that blog and you will see what I mean by heated discussion)

The bottom line is that we all are paying customers here on the WA platform. Carson and Kyle created the rules for us to follow to keep the platform within the restraints (of the material we can submit to the WA platform) they want it to be controlled by.

Carson and Kyle made the rule, not I, and if you don't like their rules well you should have read the WA TOS more carefully prior to joining, because in the TOS, you will find it is either comply with their rules of the WA platform


(Here is Kyle's Quote on the matter):

"If you go against any of these, you may lose all posting privileges within WA and depending or may be completely removed from WA without the ability to ever join again (yes, we do take this stuff seriously)."

So the choice is yours I strongly suggest keeping your WA posted blogs relevant to your WA experience or risk expulsion from the platform.

Furthermore, yes there are members that take the risk of platform explosion by posting unrelated blog posts here on the platform. They choose to take that risk by violating and going against Carson and Kyle's rules.

Myself, even if I agree or not to their rules, I will comply because I fully understand the reasoning behind why the rule is there and what it prevents (massive onslaught of amounts of COVID-19 blogs when the pandemic first hit).

At the time, this was very understandable: the virus affected each and every one of us differently, so many members were worried and concerned by it (and still are). However, technically, that does not justify violating the platform's rules (just my opinion!).

Just my two cents worth,


I see rule 3 is not enforced, there are many off-topic blogs.

Hi Natasha,

I would think, many off-topic blogs would hurt WA's SERPs. Something that those submitting those particular types of blogs have not given much thought on.

I am not sure as to why they are being allowed here lately? It is unclear to me why Carson and Kyle allow these blogs on their great platform?

To me, I would think, the off-topic blogs only degrade the integrity and authoritativeness of this outstanding learning platform.

I don't know, but I am pretty sure that Carson and Kyle have given this matter some very serious thought. or they just haven't noticed all of them yet.

Maybe if more members start sending them messages of the infractions they will, take matters in their own hands, and deal with the perpetrators as they see fit.

Either way, the bottom line is, it's the WA platform co-owners call not ours!


Why is rule 3 not enforced? So many off-topic blogs.

Great answers

here is the fullpost and the guidelines , plus the blurb on the blog post reads as follows, hope this helps

New Blog Postx
Your blog here at Wealthy Affiliate is a great spot to communicate with others in the community and let people know about your progress, your successes, and ultimately your experience as you move through the crazy and exhilarating world of online business.

On top of that it is super powerful for building relationships with others and building your network here within the community by documenting your exciting journey!

Before you blog here, we want to clarify a few things as people do get confused as to what they are allowed to blog about and what they aren't.

Here are some simple rules for blogging here at WA:

Please don't spam or promote anything here at WA. That ain't cool. We are a spam free community and we want to keep this a safe place for everyone to interact and get help. Promotions are to be left for your external websites.

Keep religion and politics out of your posts. Everyone comes from different walks of life and you know how fired up people can get about these topics. It is best to stay away from posts like this for the better nature of the community.

Again, on your external websites is totally cool for these sorts of topics.

Keep the conversation on topic. Your blog here is to share your experiences within WA and with creating your business online. Your website is for posting "niche" related content, so keep anything that is relevant to your niche there. You don't want to waste your awesome niche content by posting it somewhere other than your site.

Don't copy and paste content from elsewhere. Copying content from other sources, even if it is your own, isn't of benefit to the community.

Be nice, play nice. Do to others and speak to others as you would want them to speak to you. Should be easy enough right?

If you want the full "policy" spiel, you can get our formal posting rules here.

Click here to read the full rules

Wishing you a fun, exciting, and interactive blogging experience here at WA and we look forward to reading your posts!

Your friends,

Kyle & Carson

Thenk you for this reply. I finally did find them again.

hello Randy --- Super question and all questions are considered good ones here....

Regarding the guidelines for writing blog posts and publishing them on the Wealthy Affiliate platform ... Kyle, WA, Co-Founder spells it out in your Create New Blog at the bottom of the post just to the left of the Publish Button...

It's best to enjoy a reading there ... especially just before clicking on the Publish and gone ...

keep well, all the very best, cheerio ... :)

And here's a screenshot of the location of Kyle's guide ... simply click on the > > >
! About blogging at WA ...

Thank you. Clicking on the screen shot did not work, but I think that is probably what I had seen before. Thanks again.

... lol ... Randy, you need to go to your WA Profile >> My Blog and click there ... and by the way, screenshots are just that ... it just gives a picture ...

anyway, hope you find the post as it's very helpful ...

all the best ... :)


I finally got the screenshot where I could see it by opening it up in Preview. (I am on a MacBook Pro.) Then I enlarged it.

Yes, the "about blogging at WA" is the place I was looking for. I found it before I got the screenshot.

Thanks so much for your quick help.


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Facebook like and share button?

Facebook like and share button?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

rcarney61 minute ago
Lesson 9 Mastering Engagement in the Wealthy Affiliate community.
It showed a post, and then it showed a blue button you could click to like the post

Waiting for your answers!


JeffreyBrown, Did you mean you are waiting to see if someone answered me, or are you referring to something that I should have responded to?

For the responses you are getting on the blog post, John--sorry, I could have phrased that much better!


I think I got the affiliate link to work. It just seemed like the other would have been so convenient. Thanks for the reply.

You are so very welcome.

We used to have one but no more.

For your affiliate links check here

At the begging of the question box, I asked if the Facebook like button is gone in the new interface. That part disappeared when I posted.

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How do I forward from the new email address I created to another email address?

How do I forward from the new email address I created to another email address?

asked in
Email Marketing

How do I forward email automatically?

Hi Randy,
If you click on "websites" --> "site manager" --> "site email", it'll bring you to where you can forward your website email to another.

Yes, I found it. Thank you so much for your reply, though.

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Is this really a wa member?

Is this really a wa member?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

In the site comments section, where you request comments, are all of those comments from WA members, or does it show comments (which may be spam) from outside people who commen

SiteComments are all from WA members.

So then I guess we should approve all of them?

I mean some members may be gaining experience, but some of their comments may sound a little like the robotic comments we get outside the system.

For instance, there may be a line like "thanks for sharing this vital set of information. as this are this that one cannot just find on the internet you can only get from people that have others in mind like you."

I would hate to disapprove a well-meaning legitimate member.

If it is really one of our members, then it probably won't be listed as spam anywhere else.

Do you think that is correct, or do you think we should regretfully disapprove of some comments?

Thanks, again,


I disapprove comments sometimes when they don’t add valuable engagement, but everyone is different. Some comments are bad and the approval/disapproval process is there to weed that out.

I make sure to explain why I’ve disapproved in an instructional way so they get better with writing comments.

You’re right, people are at various stages in their journey, so it’s situational. You can edit comments too if it’s fixable.

Hmm. I tried fixing the comment before I asked the above question, but I got some kind of red warning at the bottom, It was just about making it longer or something. It seems, though, if we edit a comment, shouldn't the original author approve it.

Thanks for all the time you have already spent. You did answer the question.

I think I will try to edit it again.

In that case, it may be best to disapprove.

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