Not Quite Ready for This Heavy Lifting - But Enjoying the Training Anyway!

Last Update: May 19, 2020

I'm at lesson 7 in Level 4 of the Entrepreneur Certification course.

Kyle said to update everyone on where we are. I have enjoyed the training we receive here at Wealthy Affiliate. Each step of it is very practical, and as we do the tasks, we build our own websites or we market those websites.

We also learn a lot about benefitting others. That is what affiliate marketing does. It benefits us with additional income, and it benefits the vendor with more sales.

Sometimes I forget how far we have come when we get to these different levels. However, when you try to explain what you are doing to someone else, you sometimes become aware that they don't immediately understand some of the terminology.

My encouragement to all of us is to just keep on keeping on as we work our way through the different trainings.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Very nice, Randy!

rcarney6 Premium
Thanks, Jeff.
Dorrie1 Premium Plus
Great job and great advice
Hamish58 Premium
Good progress and good luck with the rest of your WA journey🧐
rcarney6 Premium
Thank you, and continued good luck to you too.