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Last Update: May 18, 2020

Most people think that to get your own name as a domain name, you have to pay a thousand dollars for it. But that's not true. In fact, domain buyers are praying you never see these 3 My Domain Name tips that get your own name as a domain name, but here they are:

Tip #1: Not too good: put a dash in your domain name

This tip is important because it does help you to get a domain name that is sort of close to yours. However, many experts recommend against having a dash or dashes (hyphens) in your domain name.

For instance, one of my first websites was “” It was better than not having a website at all. I do remember logging in at a webinar for a well-known marketer. He replied, “Remember it is best not to use dashes as part of your domain name.”

Still, if it comes down to this or nothing, I would say go ahead, but be on the lookout for a better one to buy later.

Tip #2: better: add a prefix or suffix to your name

This tip is critical to your success because your desired domain name may not be available. It does eliminate the problem of dashes or hyphens as listed in the last tip.

Here's how you can do it. I would have preferred to have a domain listed simply as my name. That would have been “” It just was not available.

As an alternative, I put something on the end of it. was available, so I used it for a while. In fact, some of my later domain names redirect to the RandyCarneySpeaker website.

Later, DrRandyCarney became available, so I purchased it. I have used it for a few years.

This is most helpful when your own domain name is not available and when you want to avoid the dashes in your url.

Tip #3: best: Snatch up your own name if you can afford it

This tip will help you because it really is the easiest way a person can remember your website.

This means you can tell them your domain name, and it will be easier for them to remember than something more abstract.

It's critical to remember this when you are on the search for what you want to call your website.

I tried to keep an eye for “” to become available. Well, recently someone found that the name became available, and they picked up the rights to it.

I have heard of domain names costing in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The company that contacted me said that I could bid on the name. Before I could give them the bid, they had set me up with an invoice for a price that was probably reasonable, and, if I had no other choice, I probably would have accepted it and paid for it at that price. Still, they said I could bid on it. So, I replied to their latest email, reminding them that they said I could bid. I then gave them an offer about 75% of what they were asking. They came back with a counter offer of $10 above my offer. I gladly accepted it.

Now, I finally have the desired name of

Once you understand the facts about My Domain Name you can move forward with confidence - and going through these 3 tips is a great start for any Internet Marketer! But as you can see, this really is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot to do with your domain name once you finally get it.

My advice is to avoid dashes, but if that is all you can get, you might go with that for a while.

Putting something at the beginning or ending of your name is a really good option, and it is used by many online personalities.

Beyond that, I would urge you to keep checking on availability. Who knows, your desired domain name may pop up. If it seems reasonably priced, go for securing it. You might even try giving an offer.

If you would like, you can check out my new domain name:

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Very interesting! I'm glad you finally got your name!

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A most interesting article.

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Thank you, Stuart,

Nice to meet a "fellow retiree." IM is good to keep the mind sharp. :)
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And the fingers busy. lol.
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That’s awesome you finally got you name great post
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Thanks, Dorrie,

Hope you reach your goals for you and your boys. I like that comment in your profile about age not mattering.
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Thank You
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Awesome Randy, nice work! Off and running here with your domain name! :)
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Excellent advice thanks🧐