Life on my Terms

Last Update: December 05, 2018

So this is my very first blog and yes..I am a newbie here hoping to gain knowledge and educate myself for advancing into my business and tackle the areas of networking and marketing and learn the complexities of affiliate business and become a champion of it! I wanted to emphasize a bit more on my background, what I used to do and how I ended up here. I too was like many others and worked in the corporate world of many medical positions that offered great employment and opportunity (Cardiology technician, Pharmacy technician & Nuclear Pharmacy technician). And I also went to college and got a Bachelors degree for healthcare management, hoping to get a position during this time. During all this time I was employed in these fields, I was always thinking at the end of the day, "there has to be something better than this" or "I work really hard for my money, and my paycheck really has nothing to show for it":. Any of you out there ever felt like that? Unfortunately, none of any of this ever happened. Every time I went for an interview for a position I knew I was qualified for, the answer I always got was "I have too much experience" or they claimed they couldn't pay me what I was worth? Yep..this is what I got every single time I ventured out into the work-a-day world. Anyone ever had that told to them? So, I started channeling my thoughts to wanting a better life financially for me. I was hungry for wanting to make money online. But I had no clue as to how to do it. A friend of mine told me about a few businesses that were simple and they were legit (still up and going today), and start up was pretty affordable. This introduced me on how to do some online business and see how having your own business operates. The point of this whole story is that I got sick and tired of living by corporate rules and not getting paid what you felt you are truly worth. I am on disability as of now, but this is another reason I want to have my own business because I don't want to live by the govenrnment and the few pieces of scraps they give you and expect you to live on that. So today, I am striving to live life on my own terms and in the process, acquire better health so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor and want to be a beacon of light to others and to let them know that nothing is impossible if you change your mindest to the positive no matter what others may or may not do to support in your quest for a better life. Hope I didn't bore anyone out there. I plan on reading, doing and taking action at Wealthy Affiliate in my life long journey that keeps on giving and pays it forward in other people's quest for financial freedom.

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