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Last Update: September 08, 2014

Ive been here for a few weeks now and it constantly amazes me just how willing people are to help. Ive looked at many other business opportunities and I have never seen such a fantastic support structure like there is here. I still have a long way to go. Im the first to admit that when I am learning something new, it does take me a while to get to grips with it. Im certainly not the fastest learner, but were all different and we all learn in different ways. I am gradually making my way through the training I go through each lesson several times so that it registers properly. Im picking things up at my own pace. Im confident that if I do encounter any challenges along the way, help is available. Finally please keep the Ukraine in your prayers, as some of you know, my future wife Christina is stuck in the middle of all the bloodshed, I pray that she stays safe. Thanks guys David

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Indi-Em Premium
Best of luck to you and Christina. I hope you can be together soon. Take it easy.
kholmes Premium
Its a wonderful community here, I was also amazed and been having a great time! Thanks for sharing!
tradercalif Premium
With the discipline you have, I know that there is bright future waiting for you. I pray that GOD will keep your future wife in His hands during this difficulties.
TheHammer Premium
Welcome to this incredible community David! Fantastic to be sharing the journey with you and I absolutely couldn't agree with you more with what you said!

Sending prayers for your furture wife's safety and speedy journey into your safe arms :)
ChristinaR01 Premium
I pray that she will stay safe. At least you can come here for a nice distraction and learn at the same time. We have a wonderful community of people here.