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September 08, 2014
Ive been here for a few weeks now and it constantly amazes me just how willing people are to help. Ive looked at many other business opportunities and I have never seen such a fantastic support structure like there is here. I still have a long way to go. Im the first to admit that when I am learning something new, it does take me a while to get to grips with it. Im certainly not the fastest learner, but were all different and we all learn in different ways. I am gradually making my way through
August 26, 2014
Hi Everyone, My name is David and I am from England. There are many reasons why I have decided to begin this journey. Firstly I want to be in the position to fire my boss and "fly solo". Another reason, which is very close to my heart is my partner Christina, who is a very beautiful Ukrainian lady who is sadly amidst all of this bloodshed in the Eastern part of the Ukraine. Please keep the Ukraine in your prayers and thoughts. At this time I am unable to go to Chris, basically because I would b