Take the plunge huh? Well here goes nothing!

Last Update: March 17, 2020

This is my first blog EVER, so bear with me. The pressure is on!

I just want to talk to you guys as if I’m texting a friend. I’m happy to be apart of Wealthy Affiliates. Everyone has been so nice and helpful and I really like the community and the training as well, and I think that being open minded to a new idea, such as affiliate marketing, isn’t a bad idea!

On the other hand, I wish I could have family and friends support and explain this to them to a point where they could understand, but their response isn’t always a positive one. 😒

So for that reason, I haven’t told them or anyone that I’ve joined WA. I’ve been secretly working on my website and going through the training when they aren’t around or sleep.

You may be thinking, “well that doesn’t make any sense, just tell them 🙄” but let me explain…

Well, before WA I was trying to do drop-shipping through a website I had created with Shopify and my family and friends both were like:

  • “You ain’t gon’ make a lot of money with that”
  • “How much have you made so far? Zero dollars? Right, so you’re spending more money than you’re making...”
  • “You’re doing this for what? Extra money? Good luck with that”
  • “Everybody is out to get your money so be careful”

And before dropshipping I wasn’t successful at a couple of other programs. So I thought to myself, am I letting my family and friends dictate my success? 🤔

I mean, to be honest, I just started with WA and it’s by far the best training I’ve had so far and the assistance has surpassed anything I’m use to. So my confidence with WA is WAY higher than it has been with other programs and I’m thinking it could be because I’ve cut out the outer influences and the skepticism.

I have high hopes to tell them one day, especially once I’m successful with WA and affiliate marketing, but right now, I’m just going to stay focused, train as often as I can and stay motivated for my kids.

Here goes nothing…

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Stanleycmng Premium
Congratulations on your first blog. I am sure after the plunge, there will be more to come...
RashaudS1 Premium
Hi Stanley! Thanks so much buddy, and yes absolutely! 😄
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Hi Rashaud,

Congratulations on your first post here at WA!
That is a MAJOR! achievement, by the way.
You are off to a good start.

I can relate to you not telling your family and friends.
My sharing has only been with a VER few of my close friends and my daughter.
Trinidad is a small island and I am well known.
Still trying to get over the perception hurdle, but I am making progress.

Work steadily and follow the training.
In time, as success befalls you, you can share.

All the best to you.
RashaudS1 Premium
Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words! I hope to post more as I begin to understand what "blogging" is and how to do it. I wish you all the love and success to you as well!
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You are very welcome, Rashaud.
Laertes Premium
Your diving prowess will be develop after constant practice Rashauds...same here, I am also a starter...we will move on Rash!
RashaudS1 Premium
Thanks Laertes!! We will most definitely!!
chelseasbell Premium
It can be scary being new but alas...this too will pass. Pretty soon we newbies will be zipping right through all this stuff and enjoying every minute of it. Hang in there Rashaud S1. You are going to be just fine.
RashaudS1 Premium
Thank you so much Chelsea! I wish you much success and best wishes! We can do this! 😄
Jdubbs5622 Premium
Hey all i am stuck on choosing the right niche! I love sports ,music, self improvement and exercise! Any suggestions!
Sonny40 Premium
Choose one that you know the most. If you like to read, look at your bookshelf and see what your books are mostly about. That would make a good niche.

Then watch this many times over until you can hear it in your sleep. I wish I watched it before I started. Sonny
Jdubbs5622 Premium
Thank you sonny. Ill check it out