One Week at the Farm. So tiring!

Last Update: March 24, 2019

It's been a hell of a week working in my farm. New seeds need to be planted all day under the sun. Farm work at daylight. Wealthy affiliate at night.

I haven't been so active at wealthy affiliate this week because of my farm. My only free time is at night. No worries! It is just a week of planting and all I have to do is wait for 3 months for the profit! So I am completely free again. (Freedom but not financially)

Working in my farm and working at Wealthy Affiliate have similarities. I don't have a boss, I choose to rest any time I want, No alarm clocks in the morning, and you need to work hard. The difference is how much money you will earn.

Farming: We are talking about supply and demand. Right timing on planting to have a better price on selling. If affiliate marketing have a profitable niche, farming too have a profitable plants and vegetables. Depending on what you have planted, there are plants and vegetables that you have to wait for several months before profit. Physical hardwork is needed. Bad weather and insects are your number one enemy. The bigger your land, the bigger profit you have. Requires a big amount of investment. In short, it's a gambling.

Wealthy Affiliate: Dedication and effort is also needed. Sleep less nights. Unlimited opportunities. Less physical hardwork. Work for free for a few months or a year. Profitable business. Less ammount of investment.

Both requires dedication and hard work but profit from farming is not worth it. Don't get me wrong, I love farming and I have been doing it for more than a decade now. If you want to earn a lot from farming, you have to buy more lands and that will require you a big ammount of money (that i don't have right now).

Today is my one month and half at wealthy affiliate and it is very clear to me that this platform will lead me to Success that I have been dreaming.

To those who are Successful here at Wealthy Affiliate, Would you mind sharing your thoughts and success stories? Just to boost my motivation! Just leave them below! Thank you!

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Talk2Ray Premium
Hi Randy. You know what it takes to farm - hard work. The same is true with WA. It will not break your back but it will definitely strain your brain sometimes.
It is the challenge that keeps me going.
There is no doubt that one can develop a income producing website, so many have already done that.
The challenge is to work your way through the training and work on your website design as you go along.
The challenge is to spend the time on something that is not making you any money yet when you could rest from a hard days work. But you already do that with your farm. You cultivate and plant the seeds hoping that in time with good weather you will have a harvest that will pay for the seeds and pay you for your time.
You can do it if you think you can.
randyford28 Premium
Thanks ray!
Barley1 Premium
I know how it is Randy, being raised on a farm, and working for a man who had a farm and was a cattle ranch while going to college. Now I find myself living back on my family farm after my mother died. But I can no longer farm due to my physical disabilities.

But farming is just like WA. You get out of it what you put into it. If you don't cultivate and prepare the land and keep the weeds out, you get nothing in return. Just like not working on your website and training at WA.

Thanks again.
randyford28 Premium
HI! It is pretty much similar WA. The only difference is your profit
DTheberge Premium
I like your comparison between farming and Wealthy Affiliate, Randyford! Yes, we need to till the fields (build a website), add seeds (words, blogposts, articles), water & weed (nurture with social messages), and watch the plants grow (traffic) and await the harvest (sales, conversions). I'll start to look at my work at WA as farming, too...! Nice work, and much success, Randyford! ~David
randyford28 Premium
Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.. :)
Ioan64 Premium
Keep it like Randy.


MONDOS Premium
You are the real man Randyford. Hard work will sure pays off in the near future. Wish you well.
randyford28 Premium
Been Doing hard work for a decade now but that does not increase my profit from farming, hahahaha.. So i ram really looking forward that hardwork here at WA is a lot better!! or way way way better!