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Why aren't my back office changes working?

Why aren't my back office changes working?

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I just pointed my blog over from Wordpress.com. I had to use the export/import function to complete the task. Now, none of the changes I'm making in the back office are changin

Contact SiteSupport, you can do so through the SiteRubix menu. They are the tech support team here at WA and are really good.

Thank you for responding. It was a cache problem. Now if I could only fix my "cash" problem! Lol

Oh ok, good thing you got that sorted out. And hopefully you can fix your cash problem soon enough!

Hey there! It could be a number of issues. You should contact siteSupport so that they can help you and walk you through troubleshooting your website.

Also, sometimes when you make changes like this it takes a day or so to setup properly. So you might just have to give it some time to straighten out :)

Hope this helps!

Hi, Marlinda, Thanks for the message! Apparently, I was having a cache problem.

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