One hurdle at a time.

Last Update: November 23, 2019

I've started and are pushing myself as hard as I possibly can. Going to bed at 2 am in the mornings and up at 5 am for work. It's all worth it. I can see myself going to my boss in the near future with the biggest smile on my face, tendering my resignation. The thought of going full-time and spending that time stewarding my greatest commodity, time. Time spent doing what I absolutely love doing. Being able to be there for my children and wife and being able to effectively grow a limitless online business with all the potential in the world. The sky is the limit. Our only obstacle and hurdle is self.

So what is the greatest hurdle to overcome? I would say self. Procrastination, excuses and our own limiting mindsets that accepts mediocricy. Do not accept normal and ordinary. Tony Dungee made a powerful statement when he said that 'people want excellence to me ordinary". Let's not be ordinary, but excellent. Let's overcome the self-hurdle, one hurdle at a time. Greetings...

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Mick18 Premium
I agree, the sky is the limit. I wish you all the best.
timstime20 Premium
Be the Best you
HeidiAnders3 Premium
I love this!! Let's not be ordinary!!!🤓💚
JeffreyBrown Premium
Too true, Randal--I think self is the biggest impediment to all of us here. Making excuses is usually far easier than doing the work!

j52powell Premium
Thanks a lot for following me. All success to you here at WA and elsewhere.