Failure is not final.

Last Update: November 26, 2019

Listening to a group of experts!

Well that's what I was doing today. Listening to a group of Engineers and Project Managers discuss the next major Infrastructure Project. They sounded like experts. Each one carefully detailing the specific dynamics of the project in so much depth and insight.

I noticed one common thread as I was listening to their conversation and comments. They all spoke about experiences. They all referenced to mistakes and failures they had in the past. Yes, they spoke about failure. The amazing truth is that they highlighted what they have learned from past mistakes and how they now have changed their concepts and designs based on what they know, does not work. They all learned hard lessons in failure. And here they are today, still at it, sounding like experts in their specific fields, and they have failure to thank for that.

Failure is not final

It's a stepping stone on your way to becoming a better you. A learning curve on the road to success. Failure is only final when we allow it to be. We allow it to define our destiny negatively. We do not rise from it having learned the lessons that it presents. Whilst it is tough to deal with failure in the moment, the reproach, shame and regrets, you can rise from it.

I've not yet met a successful person who has never failed in their lives at some stage. Thomas Edison conducted thousands of experiments before he invented the light bulb. He had no prescribed textbook to reference from. All he had been failed experiments. He later commented regarding the failure before success by saying that he now knows 10 000 ways of how not to invent the light bulb.

Everyone at some stage failed in life. Maybe you, like me are building your web page, because you're hoping to redeem yourself because of a past failure. If that is the case, welcome to the family. Let's enjoy the journey together.

Regards Randal

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Stanleycmng Premium
Well said. Some say we learn more from failure than success. Yes, it may be painful to overcome failure, get up and quickly as you can and move on...
Fleeky Premium
Failure is a great teacher
If we listen...
CMKetay Premium
You only fail if you quit...otherwise, it's just not a success....yet!
Great post.

timstime20 Premium
Absolutely failure is a lesson
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Great post, Randal! Thank you for the reminder! Let us not think of failure as a sentence; it is a learning experience!!

All the best!