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June 17, 2013
My site has now been up for over a week and my pages are indexed. Most pages are ranked Between 2nd and 5th page. Do I add more content? Write articles with backlinks? Write reviews with back links? Any help would be greatly appreciated
June 16, 2013
Well I was super frustrated that they didn't post either article I wrote the first time I used them. I told myself I wasn't going to write anymore but I did today. Lets see what they say this time. I also got my site registered to digg reddit wordpress and stumble upon. Lets see if these additions help my rankings. If anyone else has any good ideas to improve my rankings feel free to leave me a comment
June 13, 2013
Well it was my 7th day and i guess I m cataloged and someone noticed my site and signed up. Im excited even though I didnt make any money. It means I connected enough with a customer they decided they wanted to hear more about the my site content. Hope everyone will visit and help me refine my site. constructive criticism is usually the best kind if you are man enough to handle it. Thanks WA I feel like its the first step towards success.