Over 10,000 Visits in a Week - Importance of Content Creation to Convert

Last Update: April 10, 2018

I wanted to share a new milestone my website hit this week. I'm actually over 11,000 and the week isn't even over yet. Every month comes up and I just keep wondering to myself how can I keep pace to continue my traffic growth at the rate of quadruple every month but it just keeps happening. I'm not looking forward to when it flat-lines so I just keep curating new content.

Month 1 - 407 visits 30 pages - 1 conversion

Month 2 - 1,387 visits 60 pagess - 2 conversions

Month 3 - 8,366 visits 85 pages - 3 conversions

Month 4 - 30,785 visits with 5 days remaining 100 pages - several conversions daily

Month 5 - ????

I have not mastered converting, PPC, and many other things in WA but I wanted to share some observations I have had and what is working for me on an Amazon Affiliate site. How my content has developed over this period and what I see on a lot of posts I read from other sites.

1. Finish your KW - You always need to think and write for exactly what your KW is. If your not providing a solution or giving your visitors adequate information about what the KW represents then they will go to other sites to continue research. Don't expect to take your customer from point A skip B,C, and D and think they are going to do E like sign up for a FREE WEBSITE or buy this product. I see this all the time and did this a lot myself. Have you given them comparisons of How WA is better than another Service or the Product A that you promote is a better value than Product B. Does you site have enough content and value to prove you are an expert. Don't limit your word count, FINISH YOUR KW.

2. Think Long Term - A lot of people get stuck in today and worry about when they will start making money and I did as well but I didn't let that deter me from TAKING ACTION. You are building a business and made practically nothing for over 3 months but what I did do was continue to prep my site to become an Authority in my product. You may not be making money now and it may take you less or more time to start but your building content that can be adjusted, ranked, and a money maker in the future.

3. Low Hanging Fruit - How it has worked for me..... here is an example KW and how the process works with Google if you are writing QUALITY CONTENT that engages readers to visit more pages, stay longer, or revisit the website.

Best Baseball Gloves for Boys aged 5 to 10 - Page 1 Rank 1 in one week(100 visits/month)

Best Baseball Gloves for Boys - Page 1 Rank 1 in 4 weeks(400 visits/month)

Best Baseball Gloves for - Page 1 Rank 1 in 8 weeks(1600 visits/month)

Best Baseball Gloves - Page 1 Rank 1 in 12 weeks(7000 visits/month)

Baseball Gloves - Page 1 Rank 1 in ? weeks(50,000 visits/month)

Each KW does not always pull a lot of visits but they can grow to be your best pages if people engage them properly because of you content. The shorter KW's take longer and yield a lot more fruit but most of the time have great competition and much harder to rank for. I don't think I outranked any Authority Site like Amazon or Ebay for the first 3 months but now it is possible because at a longer KW visitors engaged that page and Google recognizes that. If they continue to engage no matter what length of the KW it will continue to move up. My 2 word niche KW I was not on the map for but I am almost on page 2(when I started I couldn't even get on the top 20 pages) verse some of the fiercest competition for 100,000+ visits a month. BUILDING TRAFFIC IS LIKE PLANTING SEEDS IN A FIELD. Spend the time in the spring plowing, planting and watering and it will grow until you harvest everything Fall has to offer.

Conclusion - I have no idea how big my site will grow or how fast it will grow but I can continually inspire growth by TAKING ACTION DAILY. Every KW I Plant today may Harvest into something great tomorrow if I choose good LOW HANGING FRUIT, THINK LONG TERM, and FINISH MY KW to inspire engagement from visitors. Reread your old work and think about, what would you want to know about this KW? Do I complete each subject within the post? Have I provided enough information to get them to engage with the proper link(Anchor Link)? Is my conversion page a closer?

Please leave your thoughts below and tell me what works for you or what other questions you might have.

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Ddorsey1 Premium
I have gotten discouraged because I could not proceed with a few lessons because Amazon and Google Adsense declined my application. Not enough traffic. DUH ! Contacted Nathaniel. He encouraged me to continue. I have been, but vacation time and all, am moving a little slower. I needed to hear this message (and the previous one from Kyle.) Thanks Guys
AlfredDvorak Premium
Hello Mister Ramccracken!
Ich habe deinen Bericht :"Over 10.000 Visits in a Week" gelesen.
Ich werde deinen Bericht noch öfter lesen, weil ich noch nicht alles verstehe.
Vorerst danke ich Dir für die vielen Informationen über Deine Schritte zun Erfolg,
mit freundlichen Grüßen von Alfred Dvorak aus dem Burgenland.
P.S.: wir produzieren Lampenschirme und Drahtringe - unsere meisten Kunden sind in Österreich, Deutschland und in der Schweiz.
PKraenzel Premium
Hallo Alfred, Ich lebe in Deutschland and gerade mal am Anfang. Meine zukünftige Kunden werden in Deutschland sein. Ich wurde mein Text auch in Deutsch haben wollen, hast Du Erfahrung damit?
IkeHoskins Premium
This a really informative post! I really appreciate you taking the time to write it! I believe that it will definitely motivate those people who read it (including me [LOL])! I'm really seeking to alleviate my 9 to 5 job and I recognize that it's not going to happen overnight. I wouldn't mind reading one of your most successful post so I can become more proficient at doing it. Thank you so much again for making this information to us (meaning ME and the others who will take the time to read it)!
LKick Premium
I'm working with my KW, content, and relating to my readers. 2nd month down. Would like to increase my training speed, but I really want to learn the material so it seems a bit slow in moving forward. Won't stop though. Great to see your success so early in the program. Thanks for sharing.
GShaw Premium
Great post and thank you for sharing with everyone.

It appears in less than a year you've learned a lot about affiliate marketing. It goes to show you don't have to be part of WA for years to really learn how to build traffic.

Great job!

Wishing you a lot of success in the future!