Phase 2 of OE Certification is Complete!

Last Update: July 08, 2018

Thorughout my experience of 72 hours here with Wealthy Affiliate, I have been nothing short of ecstatic in my involvement. This community, these people, I have never felt more support from a community than this!

Now that Phase 2 is done, I get to jump into the good stuff - MAKING MONEY!!!! I am STOKED to learn about how I can make money with my website, and I look forward to seeing what can come from all of this hard work.

I know that success comes with time, diligence and patience. To be completely honest, I have felt a rollercoaster of emotion since starting this journey - investing in Premium at the discounted rate took guts, buying my first domain took guts. To add on that, I have had moments of wondering if I chose the wrong niche, even though it's a niche I am so passionate about, I've made it my career! At the end of the day, though, I just feel relieved in knowing that, if I maintain my goal of furnishing one post of keyword-rich content every day, my dream of being financially free will be realized.

To the future, my friends!

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chief14nj Premium
congrats,keep moving forward:)
YvetteC2 Premium
Congratulations! Keep are doing great!

Kind Regards,
Godsmack12 Premium
congratulations. I too just finished phase 2. has been a blast and now gets even better. Rock your success.