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Last Update: July 23, 2021


Good Evening to all you lovely people at the WA Family, as always do so hope that you all are keeping both safe and well.

Appreciate that it is Friday Evening but thought that I would have a change this week, also give my brain a rest from the business.

Thought long and hard about the title for this week's blog, in fact, for once, have actually written a number of titles down which I thought might be of use.

But please do not let the title conjure up thoughts of, " Just what is he playing at now?" as nothing could be further from the truth, as you will see I am actually trying to plan ahead.

Appreciate that also makes a change.

The Past Few Days

If I remember correctly the plan was to continue to work on the website with a view to building a list. Looking at various ideas for both the funnel and the free items that I could give away.

Regarding the funnel, the lead magnet plus two freebies, the E Book and the first up sell all now have newly designed, branded and matching covers. Have also added the headers and footers for each one.

The problem began when I started to look through my files to see what I could use, as a result have had a slight deviation from my original plan, hence the title of this blog.

It dawned on me that what I was doing was OK, but did not have either the ability or strength of purpose to develop either the site or the business, with regard to the future, in other words no follow on plan. Hope to have that corrected now, as hopefully you will see.

As a result have had to play around a little, which has resulted in me beginning to develop a number of booklets to help in the forward planning of my strategic plan.

My mentor sent me a free book that he has written on producing information products, one idea was to create a mind map to develop your thoughts. Having looked at my notes, I will be able to transform them into a mind map, which, I hope will be easier for me to follow, once I have developed it properly.

One suggestion which I have given him, being an occasional artist, I tend to use blank drawing pads, these are ideal for designing mind maps on, as you can play with what you have thought about in pencil, when happy with the layout just ink it in. (This brilliant idea is completely

During my research have begun to assemble a number of ideas and notes, these will need to be transcribed into several things, from E Books, checklists, planners and anything else that I can think of, that I can use in the business. In other words use as products.

The result of course is a lot more work, however a timetable will now need to be developed to avoid falling to far behind with my original idea, which I can see not happening at all if I do not get properly organised (Panic not, I am joking the plan will still go ahead).

Must get into the groove of one step at a time again, once I have the plan (or mind map) in place.

In addition to the above have read a number of books on varying subjects, all to help develop both my business and knowledge of Internet Marketing.

Thought Of The Week

This certainly sums up the past few days nicely.

As I was going through my file of quotes, this one just caught my eye.

The Next Few Days

It is obvious to me that I must now focus my attention on designing the mid map, before I attempt to venture much further forward.

Having just said that, I will be writing some booklets, more importantly completely redesigning the product which I intend to offer. Fortunately I do have a plan for my emails now, which will make life easier when I get to writing them.

My reading and research is helping me to develop in areas which I had not thought about, all without deviating from my main course of action.

Just hope that I can get totally focused on the mind map, then really get into the swing of totally developing the future of the business.


Looking back on the past week, seeing the notes that I have written, the files that I have developed, realise that I have had a fairly decent week, it is just looking at what I have written makes me think otherwise.

It always surprises me that, you think that you have accomplished a lot when in fact you haven't, with the reverse often also being true. Just what have I done, quite a lot in fact!!

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy,

Please do stay safe,

God Bless,


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Edders, I am a free member but regularly pop back in to WA to see how things are going.

Your blog posts are great and very informative, but I've just compared this blog to a couple of blogs you wrote a year ago ("Planning" and "Where to Start" both from July 2020). As long as I can remember you have been talking about 'working on the business', creating funnels, lead magnets, giveaways, etc, creating a schedule and so on.

One thing you never mention in your blog is whether your traffic is growing and whether your commissions are growing. I wouldn't expect exact figures, but you never even allude to either of those things.

I don't even know how many websites you have, it just seems like all of your blog posts talk about you doing the same things, but never actual physical evidence of progress.

This isn't meant to be a criticism, I am sure you are progressing and I admire you greatly for your enthusiasm and thoroughness. But the most important aspect of any internet business is if your traffic is growing and if your commissions are growing and you have never once even alluded to these. I am sure that having been here since April 2018, you must be seeing some progress in those areas?
RAFStuart Premium
Thanks for the wake up call you are of course quite right, which is ahy I am now making a real effort to get the list built and money flowing in, have had to many shiny dollar moments in the past, now i am really trying to knuckle down, which is ahy I have a mentor.
But many thanks for your very valuable commants.

Newme202 Premium
Awesome work for the week, Stuart
You have lots of planning to do

Using the mind map is a brilliant idea to put all your thoughts and ideas on it

Putting them.on paper will give you a better idea on how you can structure and plan accordingly.

Thank you for giving us an update. We appreciate you.
RAFStuart Premium
Many thanks for your kind comments, the mind map does seem the way to go, with all the planning that I will have to do.
Newme202 Premium
That's the way to go;)
Debbi26 Premium
Hey VH

You do a lot every week. That mind of yours is always in gear. You might need more Malbec to turn down the volume. LOL

Don't get out of your groove of one focused step at a time!!!! You do your most productive work that way.

In any case, you have an awesome weekend. Don't forget to work in your garden some!

Your VW
RAFStuart Premium
Hi VW,

As always good to hear from you,

One step at a time is the intent, that is one reason for the mind map to help me focus a little better, as I do realise the enourmous amont of work that I am setting myself, but if the end result is money, then it will be worth it,

It is Shiraz this week. lol.

The garden has been a little neglected as it has been far to hot to do anything but water, Hope to spend some time in it today as it is a lot cooler.

Trust that you are keeping well.

Take care VW and have a wonderfule weekend.

Your VH
Zoopie Premium
The ebook give away is great idea.. Something I have been working on, It is a great way to build an email list. You look like you have it all planned out. Great work.
RAFStuart Premium
Thanks for thism it is a job to decide just how to build your list at times.
Christorv Premium Plus
Ahh, this sounds familiar 😲 I was in same situation when I came back online after a break. Then I realized how much I had done and learned- it was incredible that I had so many articles done yet I thought I was quite far behind

Although at times I think the cause might be that we expect the work to bring in results like being on page 1 of Google in a timeframe different to ours and that may affect our appreciation of our own efforts

Great write up, Stuart (time to follow you for future alerts on blog posts such as this) 🌞 👍
RAFStuart Premium
How very kind and much appreciated.