Procrastinating - NO - Thinking and Planning

Last Update: April 02, 2021


Good Morning Everyone, trust as always that you are all keeping both safe and well, as we head into the Easter weekend, which I hope that you will all enjoy, but do not eat to many Easter Eggs!

Talking of which our local Branch of Morrisons, as it is the Centenary this year of both The Royal British Legion and our Branch, have given us 100 Easter Eggs to give to local veterans. As you can imagine we have had some fun taking them round.

Thought that I would get this done this morning on the off chance that I might just have a little break this weekend, even if it is only in the garden.

For once the title is not tongue-in-the-cheek, but a genuine reflection of my past weeks activities.

The Past Few Days

Apart from my daily visit to live chat, it has been a week of some form of confusion, let me explain a little more simply.

Last Friday Evening the Computer stalled again, took it into the shop on Saturday, picked it up again on Tuesday, they have fitted some serious kit on here now, to hopefully stop malware and other nasties attacking me. The new software found twenty bugs once it was up and running, some so deep that they had to contact the firm that had my anti-virus to remove it for them. Pleased to say that things seem to be running OK now.

Have posted another article on my Family Tree website, this is still going quite well. I was fortunate this week that my subject I could research easily with the aid of my laptop, not needing my notes which are on here.

My mentor set me some work to do, write a manuscript, with a power point presentation and a video. All from a new dedicated domain and website, this I started to do. Should also point out that I could instead do a Membership Site with a newsletter or a Training Course.

Whilst looking for material for my manuscript, discovered some articles that would be useful to use on several of the other domains which I have not yet used. Making them ideal for one of the projects. You can guess what happened next, I began to doubt my original project.

Being me, started files on three more possible projects to decide what I should do. This of course started my brain to hurt, what should I do. Decided to stop, think and plan. During my thinking and planning, which to be honest was getting nowhere, last night received some additional training advice from my mentor.

Read the first part, and it was a total light bulb moment, just read it again and highlighted various points. It does mean that I will have to reassess the situation, and have a chat with my mentor. However even if this does put the grand plan back a few weeks, do not mind if I can get it right.

If my thoughts are correct could have given my self a lot of research to do, but the project, whichever I choose, will have to take centre stage from now on.

The Next Few Days

It is my intention to still visit live chat daily, also continue to post an article each week to the Family History Site. The run alone site, will have to do just that for now.

Everything else will now be centered around the work that my mentor sets me, will need to just clear a few decks first, this of course I should have done weeks ago.

This will mean that I will still have to decide just what to do, think in my mind I know, that is to continue with my main project, but will need to discuss some points with my mentor first, so that things are clear in my own mind about the total plan.

Can see that I will have to sort out a checklist or action plan, then just get on with it.


Possibly needed this week to sort myself out, as I did go wandering with what I should or should not do, still intend to take it fairly easily over the weekend, if the weather is kind the garden could get some work done on it.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.

Please do stay safe,

God Bless


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Debbi26 Premium
You seem to always be getting yourself into a tizzy. lol What ever shall we do with you? You overthink everything don't you? lol

Hopefully you got your laptop fixed once and for all. Viruses are bad and masks don't help with those kind. lol

So, maybe you can make a chart by project with weighted pros/cons and then add up each column to see which projects are the most important. Just a thought to help you sort this all out methodically. If all else fails, just go with your gut. It normally doesn't lead you astray.

I hope you had a great (and relaxing) Sunday.

RAFStuart Premium
Knew you would have a plan, great idea on the chart, at the moment am going back to the manuscript, but we will see.

Not a bad Sunday, hope that yours was good.

Night, Night.

RAFStuart Premium
Hi VW,

Just a note whilst I was on this page, the PC crashed again last night, just as I was starting to get really organised. So back on the lap top, think that i was a little on the low side when I did my last blog, not only is lock down getting me down, have my second jab on Friday, so do worry for no reason.

Take care

Your VH
Debbi26 Premium
I think a new computer is in your near future!!!

I'm off for a couple weeks. Headed to sun and sand and looking around for maybe a new house. 😎

Behave yourself while I'm gone.

Your VW
RAFStuart Premium
I will miss you, bound to behave if you are not about, seriously do enjoy your break, i would love one.

Your VH.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
That was great of Morrison's. Have a good Easter.
RAFStuart Premium
Thanks Geoff, also you.

drjec Premium
I thought your week sounded pretty productive despite the computer thing. Thanks for sharing.
RAFStuart Premium
Many thanks.
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Computers are great when they operate flawlessly.
RAFStuart Premium
They sure are.
StephenJacks Premium
Hi Stuart,
Keeping your mind one the main focus can be difficult when reading other things.

I am sympathetic.

Good luck staying on track
RAFStuart Premium
Thanks Stephen