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Last Update: Jan 22, 2023

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Good Evening to all you wonderful people at the Great WA Family, as always do so hope that you are all keeping both safe and well.

The title just about sums up the last few days as I manage to find more bits to do before I can select my website and get started. Do realise that I said the it would take me a few weeks to sort out so I will just have to carry on until it is sorted out.

The Last Few Days

Up until Thursday thought that things were going not too badly, I was getting to the stage where it was a matter of which of three sites will I use, when I got a mail from our leader, telling me that I had some domains with no websites, giving me ten days to sort it out or they would be removed.

Think that I mentioned many moons ago that I had been in the habit of registering domains to reserve them for the future. It did not occur to me that these were taking up space by not having a website allocated to them.

In fairness to Kyle he only mentioned two sites for now, one of these I had intended to discard any way.

But this mail set me thinking, checked what other domains I have with no web site, these will have to be sorted very quickly.

Back to some work that I have done on the business and deciding what to get ready to use. I have spent sometime getting three sites ready as regards the basic pages, such as about me, privacy page etc. also the introduction to the site.

Am now getting material allocated into files so that I can make a final decision based on what I can use. Think that I do know, but need to check just how much content I have.

Must confess that the mail from Kyle has worked as a wake call, or get your act together.

The Next Few Days

Think that is obvious that I must as a priority sort out the domain that is at risk, when I have done this will do the other domains that need a website. Must admit that I do keep a master of the five or so pages that I need as a must for my websites, so it is a matter of just amending the domain name and the introduction being tweaked. With luck this should not take too long, then I can get back to the job in hand.

I had a comment last week regarding the niche finder, must explain the I just tried one site out, this produced a good number of ideas, These I will use either as content headers or sub domains, certainly do not intend to play with anymore niches for now, I have more than enough to do, without making matters worse. Do appreciate that this can be a fault of mine, which I have to curb.

When I have finished this will get my "to do" list for next week done, it should be fairly straight forward. These could be famous last words. lol.


If I am honest it has not been a bad week, if only to get me back on an even track once more. Do find it hard to accept just how long it is taking me to get back on track, certainly must have done a lot of messing about over the last couple of years or so.

With a bit of luck I hope that I can finally get the basic work done without it taking too much longer and then crack on with my first website properly. Dare not set a time scale on it as something is bound to cause it to be altered.

Do appreciate that it will take a lot of Monday to get the domains allocated to their websites, but that will be one job less for me to do, then back to the job in hand.

Have been saving for a new PC, thought that I had just about got enough in my spare fund, when the Gas bill arrived. Can you believe that a quarters bill has used up our joint state pension for the month. It is a good job that I have other funds that come in. The reason that I mention this, we are OK, but think of those on really limited means? Not quite sure what the world is coming to!

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.

Please do stay safe,

God Bless


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Recent Comments


I apologise for my tardiness in response to your latest blog here Stuart, we have all come down with a certain flu virus in the last few days here...

Sorry to say, it seems like you are over complicating things again ...

One domain name=one website!

Once you have bought a dotcom, I don't believe one can change it!

It certainly sounds like you are making more work for yourself again my friend!

And don't get me started on the gas prices here...

The administrators of the apartment building where I currently reside, made a mistake when renewing the contract here in the summer apparently....

This has resulted in us having no heating whatsoever over the winter so far as we would all have to pay 20 times the price of last year!!

Normally, in recent times it would cost around 100 euros a month, but 20 times that now!!

Needless to say that ourselves and all the neighbours here are freezing, we just huddle around a little portable electric heater that is confined to one room, as that is all it is able to heat!!

If things carry on like this, I will be back in the UK soon!

Enjoy the rest of your day and week my friend!

Hi Jessie,

Sorry I missed this last night, think that needing a good sort out is the answer, rather than getting over complicated, but I do see your point.

Take care,


Hey VH

I never thought about domains taking up room. Good to know and something to look into for me as well.

NO, you do NOT need to be looking into any more niches. LOL!!!! Neither do I!!!!! No wonder we get along so well. Our minds never stop!

I'm like you. I'm saving money to go to Israel and Greece in Mar. This has been a lifelong dream of mine and I'm going to do come hell or high water as they say.

As a single parent, I learned how to manage finances pretty well so I'm fine now even being retired. Having said that, every time I go to the grocery store or open an electric or gas bill, I too wonder how families or some of the elderly are doing it. Yet, I also see people who want nothing more than to be handed money so they don't have to work. We won't even go there because that upsets me. Like you, I don't know what the world is coming to either!

Hang in there. Work on what you have. I'm gradually trying to get back involved myself.

Have an awesome week!!!!
Your VW

Hi VW,

Know that I will sleep well tonight, was just about to go to bed, thought I wonder if Debs has had chance to read my latest rubbish yet, and sure enough you have.

Like you I hate the dole scroungers, if they cannot work for a good reason that is fair enough, but to expect us to fund them is just not on.

Are you going to Israel because of your faith? Just being nosy, sorry.

Must sort my domain out tomorrow, been busy today moving stuff about on the PC.

Take care dear lady, sweet dreams.

Goodnight and God Bless

Your VH

Awwww, that's so sweet that you were thinking of me. 🤗

Yeah, I think we both worked hard to put us in the position we are now. Many of these people are young too!!! I have little patience or compassion for them.

Fair question regarding Israel. I am a Christian, however, there is just something inside me that compels me to go. I'm really excited about it because I've felt like this for MANY years. It was top on my list. Egypt, Slovakia, Hungry, Australia and New Zealand are also on my list but those are a long shot. I've been to England, Spain, Italy, France, China, Tibet and many of the Islands on cruises.

I'm sure your day will be busy tomorrow so sweet dreams tonight!!!!
What's that they say......sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite. LOL

Your VW

Hi VW,

Another late night reply, off to bed again!

Like your list of countries, some that you have not listed that I have been too include:
Germany (lived there for six years), Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Luxumburg, Persian Gulf to name a few more.

Must wish goodnight as I am very tired tonight.

In case you had not guessed I am alao a Christian.

Night, Night, Sweet Dreams.
As always your VH x

LOL. I guessed our like mindedness long ago.

Hope you have an awesome weekend. They seem to be coming up quickly lately.

Seem to be organised then, WHAM, it is time for the weekly blog, and then I think, just what have I done this week!

May you also have a most awesome and Blessed weekend.

I got a couple of those messages too, Stuart, but in all fairness, they are domains that I decided to let go!

There is always something ongoing here in our businesses, so we must persevere! That is all that we can do!

Keep succeeding!


Intend too Jeff.


I have no doubt in my mind, Stuart!


Hi Stuart…sounds like you will be busy sorting out the domains this week. I know what you mean about those heating costs. It’s getting outrageous. Thanks for sharing and have a good week!


Many thanks as always Susan, take care.


Never a dull moment it seems. I also have a couple of domains that I haven't created a website for. I did not purchase them through here though, so it's not taking up anything other that the annual renewal fee.

I'm stuck now trying to help a local not-for-profit organization that I volunteer for with their website. Someone came in and did some major damage to most anything electronic related. There's a bunch of plug-ins on the site that I'm not familiar with, and I can be quick to get frustrated when things don't work the way they should.

We have propane heat where we live, so I understand your pain there as well. Like you, we are okay, but do worry about how others are making it.

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

Many thanks for your informed reply.

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