Confused and Still Getting It Wrong

Last Update: Jan 1, 2023

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Good Evening to all you wonderful People at the Great WA Family, as always do so hope that you are all keeping both safe and well.


As you will gather from the title it has been one of those 'silly weeks', granted as I said that I would do have had most of the week off. When I have done any work it has been, to put it mildly, very confusing. I suppose in some ways, it has also been a trifle annoying. But being me, what else can you expect.

The Past Few Days

I have spent a few days enjoying not doing very much at all, but that was intentional, however when I did decide to have a look at some of my past efforts, boy, did I get a shock.

Thanks to all your very useful comments over the past few months, I did realise that I was trying to involve myself in doing too much. Suppose that is a nice way of saying that I would start an idea, but then move on to something else, the result being that I have not really achieved anything at all, of use, that is.

So where do I start explaining what I have discovered about me, the business and what I should do about my findings. That is a very good question, the answer is to analyse what I have found.

This is where I will no doubt confuse you, as much I have been.

Forgive me for not finding a clear and concise starting point, but respect that I will mention what I have found in no special order. Do already have some idea of how I intend to deal with the problem.

On checking for some articles for my latest site, discovered that I had in fact got some files muddled up. OK, not a problem this can be sorted. However the more I delved into the odd problem the bigger the mess got.

Some of the files actually would be better with a different web site. So another look at past files and emails.

Surprise, surprise this made the problem worse. Like many others before me, at one time I had some 'silver dollar moments', as happened some of these programmes I actually downloaded. But, guess what, did not use them, some I thought could be useful to use in the business, they probably still can be.

Add to this a number of eBooks which I have ready for publication, also forgotten about, numerous articles which need sorting out, and so it goes on. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Forgot to mention the half started web sites, some with content some without.

Domains registered but no website, so the sorry saga continues.

One problem that rose its head yesterday was the discovery of files with training notes in, these I had totally forgotten about. The explanation is simple, sometime ago I had to change from BT to EE, this resulted in my router being too far from the phone socket. As a result had to move from my upstairs office (OK, spare bedroom) to a tiny space in the lounge. This means that I have little or no space for folders or books. Forgot to mention, the settee does make a useful bit of office space.

Think that by now you will have the general picture of the problem that I have uncovered, so where do I go from here!!

The Next Few Days

By now you will be far ahead of me of what happens next?

As I see it I have several choices:

1. Forget all that I have done, scrap every file and start again

2. Try to correct all my errors, this could take for ever.

3. Make a list of what I can/cannot use for know.

4. If using 3, then organise what is of use and then sort out a suitable website to use it on.

This is what I plan to do, using number 3, I intend to have sometime off, if need be, several weeks, whilst I get totally focused on where I need to be. If I get things in a logical sequence, then it will be one plan at a time.

It will of course be back to basics of making list after list, until I can sort things out, but hopefully if this is done properly it will, in the long run, work.


Looking back at what I have written, you will no doubt be as confused as I am, but hopefully, the problems that I have found will help me to re-focus on what I need to do, that is of course, build a business, concentrating on one objective at a time, and with luck make some money.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy

Please do stay safe

God Bless


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Recent Comments


Hey VH

I was laughing as I was reading this. Welcome to MY life. Most of the time I feel overwhelmed by all of it and don't know where to start so I procrastinate. As you can see, my rank is WAYYYYYY up there. I've never been that high except when I first started. I'm not worried though. I've been busy with so many other things.

Therein lies the problem though. I have my hands in too many pans and can't focus on any one thing. I've become the jack of all trades and truly master at none!!!! Yet is that a bad thing????? Depends I suppose.

I'm sure you'll work through all of it. It's like untangling Christmas tree lights although I have very little patience for such things, I'm thinking you might be much better than I am at that. It all just takes TIME and PATIENCE. Look at it this way, you're in a better place than I am at this point. I feel like I need to completely start over.

I hope you had a great holiday. I was fretting up in snow country. I wasn't sure if I was going to see my kids. That would be a first. They had a bad storm come through NY. However, my kids are stubborn (a trait from their father's side I presume - lol) and they plowed through. It's always fun hanging out with them.

I got to spend some time with friends as well so all in all, it was a nice holiday. I am glad to be back in VA though. I've been busy all week clearing clutter to get. I'm trying to refocus and find my rhythm and balance between WA and all the other activities. Still working on that!

I hope this week has gone better for you and I wish you a VERY Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2023!!!!!!

Your VW

Hi VW,
I was not worried not hearing from you! just worried sick with the storms in NY, wondering if you were OK,

So you have made my start to the New Year very much improved. Glad that you enjoyed your holiday, the break will have done you good.

Did have a decent Christmas, went out on Christmas Eve for the first time to a pub in over two years. Was at last able to buy my youngest Grandson a pint, he turned 18 in May.

Have made a start on the new project, which I am calling "Just one website", however it is not that simple, as I need to do a lot of sorting out first to decide which one to use.

Whilst I think that I now know the answer, need to sort out all my other bits out so that when I need too, then I can sort them out as well, after the project is well established, all good fun.

Regarding WA ranking notice that I am back below 100, how I am not sure, like you I do not let things like that bother.

This is becoming a letter, so will go back to my glass of Red and say Goodnight and God Bless.

Hope that you have a fabulous 2023.

As always do take great care.

Your VH x (for the New Year)

Yes, the storm was mostly north of us but where I was the roads were quite slippery because the building where all the snow equipment was stored burned to the ground. So, the roads weren't cleaned very well. All turned out well though. Again, I AM glad to be back in VA.

I have NO doubt that you'll get it all sorted out and will make progress.

Hugs for a fantastic 2023!!!!!!!

Many thanks for this, it will take time, but it is getting very interesting.

Take great care.

Happy new year Stuart, looks like you are getting things sorted. Two bits of advice that I recieved from a very successful guy.

1, Don't worry about what your competitors are doing, just focus on what you are doing.

2, When you focus on what you are doing, don't over think it, just do it.

Oh there was a number three ; just figure out what you are selling and do the selling as best you can.

Best wishes for a successful, 2023.


Thank you so much for this, it is so very useful.

Have a great New Year.

I would say a lot of us fall in that same category to some extent and I must admit it gets quite over whelming. But in our minds we have to figure it out which means going back to basics or to step one. but sorting things out one at a time eliminating things you have to worry about off the list, I wouldn't say it would be easy but will get easier as you progress forward. Hope that makes sense.

Your reply makes an awful lot of common sense, many thanks for replying.

I have a similar story.

I have been for several years with WA.

Spent several of them as a free member.

After some failures, decided to go Premium.

About 4-5 years.

Do some work, then stop, start, stop.

Now I am as new year's resolution restarting again.

Hopefully, this time I won't keep proscrastinating any more.

I am gaining some support from the book "Atomic Habits" by James Clear.

I should be enjoying my financial life, but proscrastination has taken its token.

I have been hit a few times, and that has gotten me in some setbacks.

This time I am trying to take all the blows, and stand tall, for what I have got, but to keep on. Like Frank Sinatra in "My Way".

Blessings to all of you in this way of being.

Many thanks for your kind comments.

I had my own version of My Way, some years ago now.


Always great to hear from you Stuart, first and foremost may I wish you and your loved ones a fantastic start to the new year!

Right, down to business!

I believe I have said in the past that it is always beneficial to keep things simple..

That is not going to change on my end!

I think you are spot on with moving forward with point three of your above list..

Use what you can from what you have and focus on ONE website only!!

Spreading oneself too thin is never going to reap the best results!

I advise you to stick to one thing, give all your attention and hard work to it, and do it well!!

Just my opinion of course my friend and I wish you every success for the future!

Hi Jessie,

Always look forward to your reply, like you may I wish you and yours, a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Will be using option three, once it is all sorted will certainly be working on just ONE Website.

Hopefully I realise where I have been going wrong and can now correct matters.

Take care


Much appreciated Stuart and that sounds like a wise decision to me!

We all make mistakes and have gone wrong in the past... it's what we have learnt from them in order not to repeat the same mistakes that matters!

Take care my good friend and enjoy the rest of the week!

If Iam honest Jessie I cannot see any other course of action.

Have a great week.

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