I need your stories.help!

Last Update: August 20, 2018

Hey guys. This is a call for help. I am looking for success stories. People who have been promoting WA for a while and are experiencing real success from the awesome platform here at Wealthy Affiliate. If you could send me a quick bio of your personal WA story, how you started on your journey and what you've accomplished since. A few specifics, nothing too in depth, but just a few paragraphs in length. Also, I'll need an image. This is for my WA Review. If you could send me a pm to discuss details, that would be much appreciated. Thanks guys, hope you're all well x

UPDATE...I have not heard from a single person. I'm feeling a little discouraged here guys. There must be someone who has been promoting WA and is actually making money from it!!!! I know you're out there and I need your story. Please reply now, yesterday, last week I'm getting kinda desperate here people.....

ANOTHER UPDATE....this is why I love Wealthy Affiliate. If I'd just gone onto the Live Chat section and asked the experts, I wouldn't have had my little dummy spit earlier and I could have been researching a heap of awesome success stories much earlier. Thanks to Steve on Live Chat who directed me to the WA Dashboard where the Wealthy Affiliate Successes are posted daily. And they're all so inspiring, makes me more determined to make this happen now.

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CravenATAT Premium
Are you looking to promote other's reviews on your site to generate traffic? There are a few here that are willing to do that- if I can think of who they are then I can reference them to you.
RachaelChr Premium
Yes, that is exactly what I'm looking for. Just a few success stories to add to my main WA review. Have sent you a pm.