Almost A Year With WA

Last Update: May 10, 2018

So it's been almost a year for me here at Wealthy Affiliate so for that reason, plus the fact that I haven't done this in a while, I thought it was a good time to give you guys an update on how I'm doing and how I'm feeling about my first year as a Wealthy Affiliate.

Because you are the ones who understand better than anyone what the journey is like to becoming successful at this affiliate marketing business. As you all know it ain't easy. There are times when I've wondered why am I putting in all this work? Why am I bothering to devote so much of my spare time and effort into building this thing when I could be using it to spend more time with my family, catching up on sleep (I remember sleep fondly), watching movies, playing with my puppies or visiting friends. It's not that I don't enjoy working on my site,

I really do actually love working on my site and seeing it grow. It certainly helps that I've chosen a niche that I love and am passionate about. But it is still a lot of work and because spare time is so valuable, there are often times when I just want to use it to chill, relax and not have to think.

it's during these times when I'm lost for motivation, all I have to do is jump on here and I look for the small successes that people are experiencing. It could be that someone has made their first sale, or been approved to an affiliate program. No matter how small the success it's all I need to bring my headspace where I need it to be.

It makes me hungry for those referrals and commissions and achieving the goals I've set for myself. It is what helps to drive and push me to building my business and making it profitable. It's the small things that gradually grow into bigger and better things that help put me into the right frame of mind.

That's what I'm loving most about being a Premium member is the comraderie of the community. There is so much positivity that it's hard not to be inspired by it. There is no way to fail with that kind of support and I have found nothing like it anywhere else.

We are all in the same boat so even when times are tough and it seems like we are never going to get to where we want to go with our businesses there is always something on this platform that helps to boost my morale. So that's what I've gotten most from my first year here.

The training and features are all amazing, but what I'm benefitting from most is definitely the spirit of community. They are what push me to write another post and keep creating content. I've truly learned so much this year, I'm so excited to see what this one brings.

I hope everyone is enjoying their journey as much as I a have enjoyed my first year at WA. Look for the small successes to boost your own morale when you need it.


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MKearns Premium
Hopee you enjoyed it!
LouisaB Premium
Rachael Congratulations to you for committing your first year at WA.
Your next one will be even smoother. Thanks for sharing your online experience.
Thoriso Premium
Congratulations Rachael, keep it up.