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Last Update: December 19, 2011

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let everyone know about  a webinar I recently watched and it was about a pretty nifty new site that is like Groupon, but for Internet Marketing products! Every day they will have new deals that are around 50% off of it's normal price. The site is called the daily gangster:

^ Yes, that is my affiliate link :)   But that is also what I wanted to tell you about. You can join up with them, refer other people and in turn, if they buy something, you receive 12-15% commission on that item. Not too shabby. So now to determine if this site will truly live up to it's potential we just need to see what items come out day to day. I have only logged in to see two, one being a pretty nifty WordPress plugin and today's product was a course on outsourcing from the phillipines and where to find/hire them.

The site is going through it's BETA phase now until Dec. 21. Then it is taking a winter break until Jan. 4 when it will be officially launched. You can buy the products listed now and even join the affiliate program so that you can promote the site yourself. So, I will be giving this website a close eye throughout the next month or two, to see what real deals can come out of there, and hopefully someone else can find value in the website or the affiliate program.

Daily Gangster
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