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Hey guys, just wanted to help everyone out with a little list of the best WordPress Plugins out there now. This helps everything to gaining more traffic, to better functionality, to SEO, to just all around goodness for your site. Hopefully this helps everyone out. This is a good list but I have an even bigger list of WordPress apps for free at   So if you like what you see but want more of what's out there to help your W
Hey guys, Just wanted to let everyone know about  a webinar I recently watched and it was about a pretty nifty new site that is like Groupon, but for Internet Marketing products! Every day they will have new deals that are around 50% off of it's normal price. The site is called the daily gangster: ^ Yes, that is my affiliate link :)   But that is also what I wanted to tell you about. You can join up with them, refer other people and in t
If anyone uses Godaddy to buy your domains I just wanted to make sure you know that they have 30% off of all domains until 12/15/11. Promo code: fb30tld 
I'm back!! And what have I done in the past 2 years?? Not a whole lot haha. This end of 2011 and  stretching into 2012 appears to be shaping up though as a great time in my business. I have 3 projects I am working on with realeses of the internet marketing products coming in the next few months, I have an Internet Marketer that I am teaming up with as well as a few good connections for promoting my stuff. (Internet Marketing conferences are great!) and I have a web design business I will be