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I bought a domain from namecheap and need to get it point?
to WA servers. I followed the instructions on Siterubix on how to do this.…
4 years ago 6 Replies
How do find the email address of parre re free graphics?
Parre offered to do free graphics for the websites of premium members.…
5 years ago 6 Replies
Free graphs design by parre?
Hi Parre, I replied to your offer of your generous offer to do some design…
5 years ago 1 Reply
Move info entered in wp to my siterubix site?
The draft of some info has been done in wp. Should this not reflect or…
5 years ago 17 Replies
The url I purchased and used in siterubix differs in wordp?
The URL is In Wordpress this is reflected as…
5 years ago 2 Replies
Series 1 to 14 motivation for success lessons?
I was going through this series of lessons 1 - 14. The gateway timed out.…
5 years ago 16 Replies