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Last Update: February 23, 2018

In 5 days, I Will have a one month in WA like Premium Member. For now I like the community, I like the Online Entrepreneur Certification, I am just in level 2 lesson 10, Boosting your WA Ranks!, i have really learned mucho.

My first problema in my learning are the language, I am speak spanish only, I know the english but not as I would like, it's easy for me to understand what is written, the difficulty for me, comes when I have to listen to Kyle in his videos, in that aspect I'm improving, I understand better and better.

My niche

I am an engineer in electronics, then it was logical that my niche was related to my professional training, for several years, I saw that there was possibility of selling electronic devices to students, teachers, other engineers or electronics enthusiasts, there is a large market, so I started to explore it, I knew that if I could sell online I could get to offer my products all over the country (Mexico), so I did. Then my niche in the market is the sale of electronic devices and services such as the manufacture printed circuit boards (PCB) or the design of electronic boards. The image show a PCB.

The previus WebSite

It was difficult for an electronic to know tools of computer systems, like everything related to a web page, then I need learn from scratch to generate a web page, and I did, I use Joomla, I thought it was the best option. this was 3 or 4 years ago, if I had known then WA everything would have been much easier, but no.

I made two pages to sell my products and I made it, I began to have sales from different cities around the country, the competition was hard but I made it, I knew I could sell more if I advertised, spend a lot of money on Adwords and Facebok ads. , but they did not work, I needed to know more. If I had known what I learned in WA regarding the search words, the optimization of the website, at this point should be very high in the Google rankings and you would have more orders, but currently it is not.

My new WebSite

Now I have a new site in WA is already indexed to google, to offer my services. In less than a month with WA I did what takes me months with Joomla and worse yet I do not even know if this site is indexed to Google, now that I know the two technologies, every time I like Wordpress more than Joomla.

Themes and plugins

I built my site with WA, but with the Joomla experience I had and my well defined niche, I knew the wordpress themes, but I wanted to install my online store, launch landing pages, create image galleries, but I'm an electronics engineer , again I had to find the easiest way to move forward, fortunately I found it, a wordpress theme ralated with electronics, here I found it, is this:

It has everything, the wordpress theme has to do with the electronics, it has an online store with Woocommerce that I have not configured yet but is ready to sell products, I could not resist and I bought it, the support department of ink themes, installing all in this them including a plugin for WooCommerce.

Plugins I installed several in my website, one to make image galleries called "final tiles Galleries", another to translate called "Crazy Translate" thi I use to translate theme to Spanish and finally one to create landing pages the plugin is called “Landing page Builder".

The Next days

In the next few days I will continue working on my website, created more content to scale the google rankings, I Will continue learn more and more in WA and finally I hope that in the next month to achieve first sales with my site in WA, then I hope in the next month to earn money.

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chrisbailey Premium
Great work Raul and best wishes for your success.

I used Joomla on a few sites years back. Not a bad platform, but WP has definitely surpassed it.
r21rod Premium
Hi Chris!

Thanks for your wishes you are very kind, I wish the same for you, success in you bussines!

Yes I agree withyou WP is best platform!

Thanks for your comment!