My progress in WA #2

Last Update: May 28, 2018

Just today 28th if May I have 6 month on WA, I'm doing my TASK #1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification > Level 4 - Mastering Social Engagement, where progress on WA should be documented.

This is what I have done in WA in six months:

  • I have 6 month here, then I spent around $229,29 USD in total.
  • I start a Online Entrepreneur Certification, now I´m at Ievel 4 lesson 7.
  • Taking advantage of the WA gives us, I bought a domain and I already have my site running.


In this month of May the average of visitors of my site is of 16 daily visitors, look a image.

Look the traffic sources:

With this result, the ask is how much money have I earned? the answer = $175.45 USD, in sales, this really around the 50% is the profit. My fist sale was in March, then in this last 3 month really I start to earn money trough WA.

Issues of interest

1. I don´t have in the affiliate market, I offer a service, then trough WA I build a bussines to promote my service. I remember , I asked Kely that through WA I could grow my business?, because I saw the word affiliate everywhere, he answered that yes, I believed him and I became a premium member, and the results are coming.

2. I use a adwords to bring paid traffic to my website, but I spent a little around $1usd daily maybe in a future I spent more money.

3. My web is still small it has about 16 post for now.

4. The amount of information that there is in WA is impressive, for now I have focused on the certification course, but I still have to see the Jay videos of MagiStudios, and many of the articles in my network, need some time for everything.


For the next months this are my goals:

  • Finished the Online Entrepreneur Certification, and start the Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Write more post to my web site, in order to get more y more traffic.
  • Earn more money becouse for now I spent more money than I earned.


Finally, I am very grateful to the entire community,I am living it by myself it is possible to earn money just by following what here is taught in this nice community of WA, I only have 6 month and I start to earn money.


Raul Doñate

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LouisaB Premium
Well, that's awesome! So..You're going forward and upward, then.. that's the way to go! Great Success journey. {LouisaB}
tinaandjohn5 Premium
That is wonderful. Keep working at it. You will get where you want to be in no time;)

r21rod Premium
Hi Tina!.. Sure, working hard again and again.. thanks for your words!

stay focused Premium
Congrats Raul on your early Success!
Goes to show you with some hard work
and staying the course, good things will
r21rod Premium
Thanks James!, sure, hard work is the only way to success .. greetings and thanks for your words!
Hollshope Premium
You're doing great. Thanks for sharing your progress!
r21rod Premium
You're welcome, thanks for commenting.