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May 28, 2018
Just today 28th if May I have 6 month on WA, I'm doing my TASK #1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification > Level 4 - Mastering Social Engagement, where progress on WA should be documented.This is what I have done in WA in six months:I have 6 month here, then I spent around $229,29 USD in total.I start a Online Entrepreneur Certification, now I´m at Ievel 4 lesson 7.Taking advantage of the WA gives us, I bought a domain and I already have my site running.ResultsIn this month of May
February 23, 2018
In 5 days, I Will have a one month in WA like Premium Member. For now I like the community, I like the Online Entrepreneur Certification, I am just in level 2 lesson 10, Boosting your WA Ranks!, i have really learned mucho.My first problema in my learning are the language, I am speak spanish only, I know the english but not as I would like, it's easy for me to understand what is written, the difficulty for me, comes when I have to listen to Kyle in his videos, in that aspect I'm improving, I un