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Hi Folks!

Listed here are my Thinking, Musing, Questing, Working Tools & Prime External Engagement Focus Channels, notably Medicine, Neuroscience, Particle Physics, Discrete Math, Physical Therapy.

In Short I dedicated my life to taking care of people. However, in point of blunt candor, I am so much of a rookie at this WA Marketing Type of Business, it is not even funny fellows. This is in effect my third visit to this apparently awesome WA Platform & I kind of feel like I am totally out of my regular pathways, Even though Certainly not in over my head. Hence, I am probably being a bit too deliberate on take off, my regular life being a bit of an attention Hog as well. Bear With Me Folks. Nonetheless, This Challenge indeed has my Adrenaline & Dopamine natural thrill flow rates in full Zest mode, All Fired Up & Ready To Go.

When I signed-up several weeks ago, I was plodding under the weight of some unrelated Projects for my current Post-graduate Fellowship responsibilities, while at once also being Crushed by a rather ridiculously large Student debt burden.This kind of heavy regular life schedule is my biggest challenge at the moment, relative to this marketing business endeavor, given my current rookie status.

Fortunately now, starting this summer’s First Week, I have managed to secure some coveted stretch of relative Load Flexibility Sabbatical Hiatus, which opens up a few Limited Activity Hours Three Days per Week, going on forward. Thus, I can dedicate said Time to the Business & Give This Potentially Awesome WA Endeavor The Good Old Fraternity Try so to speak. My Objective is to assiduously Learn & Implement Every Promising New Skill possible, while targeting the Most Substantive Outcomes Possible. Who knows, I might even end-up liking this Effort. Will this Endeavor be able to effectively rise up to the ultimate challenge of bolstering my ability to put a solid dent In my accumulated ludicrously crushing Graduate Studies loan burden? I surely look forward to it. Mussing aside, why not; A man can dream after all. I am doing something about it. So fellows bear with me.

Further, I tend to catch on relatively rapidly. As it happens, Over the Years, I have been fortunate enough to harness a few Thinking, Action & Appraisal Patterns of my own, which I have great hope might come in handy for me in this particular case. Dear reader, if you would be kind enough to oblige me, well, doubling in as my Profile, here they are in Summary. Any helpful suggestion would be mighty welcome.


In point of forecast, most of my Framing/Perspective here may sound relatively novel to you. Well, fret not. Most will be discreetly flushed out in discrete future Blog Posts. Albeit in relative Jest, occasionally some of the Framing may probably sound a bit cognitively provocative &/Or mind stretching, Ergo perhaps unclear or a bit of a Challenge to some sensibilities. Either way I can assert one thing for sure, my firm intention is that It’s all gonna be awesome Fun & Level Headed candid Exchange of Ideas. I Promise. Kyle & Carson have valiantly pioneered something singularly wondrous here, & I wholly wanna strive hard & be part of this rather Unprecedented, Global, Awesomely Personalized By Design, Outcomes Oriented Multiple Streams Wealth Building Eco-System. Beacons, You Ask? Oh, That? Well, Beacons are simply my Tracing Signals For Potentially Promising Data Points. Said Beacons Often scatter in the networked Environment Around Us, according to our Original Working Intentionality. What Is That?

Intentionality stands for the Bundled Endogenous (Internal, within Oneself) Driving Motivations at the Core of whatever Chase you may be involved in, Hunting for some Target Or Pursuit of Same. Since I tend to reason Structurally & Probabilistically, I would usually build-up my Hunting Case for Oriented Recursive Action, using Purposefully & Serendipitously Emergent Beacons as my External Sampling Tools. Beacons can be Charged Positively when they involve Self-interested Action, Or They can Carry Neutral Charge when they involve Altruistic Action. Lookout for more on this, In a future Blog Post.


INTUITION is a powerful swiftly acting, lighting bolt rapid release, Endogenous Clarity High. Indeed, it is a Trusty & Solemnly Treasured Gift. The more skillful ones ability to yield to Intuitive Fluency, the more ones Intuitive Field Forces Yield. Space-Time Envelope Free (Neither locked in Space nor Time), Intuition is an Awesome Serendipity Beacons Force Field. In lock-step With Intuition, comes RATIONALITY. Rationality is a Faithful, Steady, Deliberate & Confident Space-Time Envelope Sensitive Servant. Together, they are both always synchronously Marshaled by an Intrepid Special Agent: namely, Myself. Creativity, Serendipity & Deliberate, Oriented Massive Action are my Wheelhouse & my Favorite Playgrounds. The expression Space-Time to most people would generally stand for the singleton word Time. Yet, when some one requests to meet them say at 09.00 PM, you would always instinctively asks them to clarify Where At, & Vice Versa. See folks, these two always play for Keeps by Hanging-tight.

A Fierce, Wily, Sinewy Pride Of Prime Feral Lions.

Quantum Aurora, Lightning, Magnetosphere Reconnection Space Fireballs.

These are not intuitively obvious regular life vibratory or Color tones. Yet, they are enduring common events in particle collision Quantum Fields. To list just a few here closer to home; we have Chromatic Biological Photosynthesis, Brain Neuronal Micro-tubule Quantum Life Sparks, The Visible Spectrum of Planetary Magnetic Pole Auroras & Trillions of Quantum Field Event “Explosions” inside high energy particle accelerators like the CERN Large Hadrons Collider in Geneva Switzerland. Hence my WA Profile Name: QF-Intrepid. If the Big Bang Microwaves Background could be attributed a discrete Color scheme, this would probably be it.

Rather strikingly, many of my brain’s Sensory-motor Cognitive Field Circuits tend to delight in crosstalk with my natural Visual Networks. Indeed, in our most accessible Rainbow / Crystalline Magnetic Spectrum, I vibrate best in Red, Green, Blue & White, In that order. You know, I continue to suspect there to be some intricate hard-wiring Synesthetic tendencies nested in there between my ears..

This all sounds a bit weird, But once one, wielding Science, uncloaks the Veil off of this normally invisible side of Life by learning & starting to make sense of the intricacies of the mechanisms involved, the whole thing starts becoming rather mundanely awesome & self-evident. As in like, Wow, that’s amazing, I never thought of or looked at Life that way before.

In point of fact, even though veiled, this fundamental invisible side is the Actual Real Side Of Life. Take the striking case of Love & all its ethereal cryptic attributes for instance. We all swear by it. Through Love almost every single one of us showed up here; and without It, Human Life as we know it peters out. Yet affectingly, no body has ever directly seen, metered or grabbed the thing...

The above is only further evidence that the so called common, Intuitive, "real" Obvious day & night touchy-feel Square Side Of Life is just a convenient brilliant Cut-out, a 3-D Blow-Up into the Space-Time Cosmic Fabric that magically Emerges out of our Powerful yet pretty Limited, Deft & Heavily Adaptive Homo Sapient Nervous System’s Fascinating Interface with the Universe. Edgy, Awesome…!


I hail from these mind blowing Lineage stretches of Annealed & Tested Elite Feral Big Cat Eco-Hunters. Ergo, I am loaded with said Genetics Pedigree. In this hundreds of generations long running Base-Pairs Imprinting matter, I had no say whatsoever. The Hunting Expedition is a Solemn Endeavor. By Tradition & In Great Reverence, you Only sacrifice/harvest a Big Cat Crown or Any Wildlife for Sustenance. Never otherwise. For they are the Guardians of our Progeny, Herds, Tillage, Pasture, Shrines, Our Numen & Our Tutelary-Spirit. Hence, of them We Are.

The Seed of Life in All its Natural Embodiment is Always Sacredly Received in Total Humility, Never taken for granted, snuffed out of spite Or Worse, Out of daft vanity. I am partial to Planet Earth, Our Beautiful Blue Marble Mother-ship. So I do silly things like Recycling, while also holding this Penchant for Clean Tech, Clean Lifestyle, Clean Businesses. I love All Things Tesla, All Things Space X, All Things APPLE Liam, All Things NASA.


Oriented, Sustained, Controlled Massive Action.

Cortisol will forever serve Only as a Faithful Runner & a Great Punter, but a Quarter-Back never, such Honors belong with Adrenaline, Substance-Y & Dopamine. The Last Three cited (Substance-Y, Adrenaline & Dopamine) Bolster-Up your Mind & Body making your powerful Action Drive Ready & Fired-Up during perceived positive experience stress response, and Ready To Go Take on The World. Dopamine commandeers your Satisfaction & Happiness Drive. Substance Y Drives your Attention & Intentional Focus. Adrenaline ensures Sustained Goal Oriented Massive Action Drive.

The First cited (The Cortisol Rise Cycle) does the exact opposite by Deflating your Will-Power & Overall Affect (i.e,. Your Mood), during perceived negative experience stress response.

I Love curious Minds In general, savvy Minds in particular: Brilliant, Ambitious, Witty, Beautiful, Confident, Self Aware. Preparation-Free, a rush to Bat hardly ever yields Suspense Worthy Magic. I Love Self Discipline, Grit, Compassion & Tuneful Or Immersive Total Silence. I discount anything Not Future Bound & Leftovers. My favorite Symbol of the Future is a Big Generous Smile chock Full of Purposeful Massive Action Opportunities.

By my rational appraisal defaults, at the 99%Tile Rank, ones Mettle, Genii & Daemons front by far ones Likeness, and that should always be it, period, right? Right… Yet, because your likeness is rather awesome, left to their own devices, my sheer human feral & esthetic Instincts tend to veer towards the first Rank first on first contact. Our primal wiring naturally credits visual scan vigilance ahead of reason, by default. I tend to bet feral leans out over esthetics, by willful default.

Space-Time-Now (Read Here & Now, or Time) is Money Worthy Only when it is Strive Accounted For. Knowledge Is Power Only & Only when it is Leavened By Vision & Grit, Mission Fueled, Action Loaded & Yield Worthy. The Former must always be actively Sleekly Woven into the Latter, Never Otherwise. Passive, Idle, non-optimized Knowledge, Just turns you Into a Sitting Duck, an all you can eat buffet treasure trove for more enterprising minds. Further, most Accountants, MBA, Economists are not like Really Wealthy, last I checked. They all often work for Someone Else Who Is Really Wealthy. Where Oriented Intuitive Synchronicity, Oriented Massive Action & Oriented Serendipity Rule By Default, Uncertainty Ultimately Loses By Default.


I Enjoy & Appreciate substantive Edge of the Seat Story Telling rendered choke full of Fluent Thought Framing, Thought Provoking, Concept Folding & Wrapping Tools like Analogies, Poetry, Metaphors, Allegories, Inflection Cliffs, Fun & Informative Pivoting Twists. Overt & Covert Attention Hogging & Inspiring Narrative takes the Cake. Any Genre that meets this little Test Works For Me. I Love & Enjoy Sports & Other Self Chisel Disciplines (Read Yoga, Martial Arts) mostly because of How these Practices Help Chisel Ones Team Work Faculties, Hone Ones Grit & Tenacity Skills, Harness Ones Visual Depth & Acuity, while the resulting Neuroplastic Effects Literally Transform Ones Brain’s Focusing Genii, Intuitive / Instinctive Reaction Times & Concrete Thinking Patterns. Health Benefits, an Awesome Bonus.


Rarely a State of Being, Perfection is always an Orientation Sign Pointing Ahead toward the State of a Seeker Forever Becoming. Perfection is a Hunter’s Bulls-eye. Still or in Motion, the Hunter can occasionally be a Virtual Target, Never the Actual Target of the Hunt, by Design.

By my lights, Old Charles R, Darwin had it most of the Way Right, Yet, Not Quite There. In The Long Run, Homage is Not Always Reserved for The Survival Of The Fittest, The Smartest, Nor The Mightiest. Instead, The Nimblest, Foxiest & most Ready For Uneventful Adaption to Unforeseen Events Ultimately End Up Running Away with The Pennants. Deprived of Passion, Compassion & Astute Grit; by themselves Might, Brawn &/Or Raw Intellect almost Never Securely Get You All The Way There, let alone Keep You There. Well Folks, you bet I can now quite safely a posteriori Monday morning Quarterback Old Charles’ awesome Findings on the Evolution of Species a mere 200 years later. L.O.L


Now, stately Reader, allow me this rather teachable Quote from my Great Grand Pops, T. W. TCHUMA. Hey Scrappy, listen-up, He would start at at me. “Always come to a TILLING Party For More Than Just Because You Belong. Your other Overriding Faculties, Talents, Skills & Gifts may be called upon for some Other Critical Purpose. Understand This: We come from the Earth & there again Are We All Headed. Within the Interval of your lifespan, Your Gifts, Your Skills & Your Talents Thrive, Crystallize & Endure. Luckily said Cachet Survives your Journey through the Great Bounty & Settled Legacy that You Ultimately Bequeath to the Next Generation.” G.G. Pops, So Many Riddles, So Much Perspective. Miss You Pops.


The REJECTION & FLOPS Duo is One of the two greatest forward leaning Teachable Dipolar (Involving 02 Sides/Poles) Features of unrequited Serendipity (Unfavorable Advances, Unreciprocated interaction Or Scoffing at such Attempts). The other is Dipolar Interlocutors Intelligence Gathering (The Rejected Party/Pole/Side can actually learns quite a bit about Its own inner Compass’ Resilience & about How the other Pole’s Mind Operates, Genuine Sleuthing meaning studying Or investigating.). Indeed more often than not, Space-Time wise, one of the Interlocutors is often either so Unprepared, so Asynchronous (Read, unaware at the time), or both, that they may be blind to or unable to recognize, reconcile or interpret their Serendipity Beacons live, in real time. Later, they may or may not reflectively experience Regret in retrospect about their unfavorably resolved particular Encounter(s) or they may feel Vindicated a posteriori Relief about same.

Alternatively, with Purposefully Oriented Recursive Action Inclinations (Read, one can always go back to the well & try again) In One Hand, & Serendipity Field Beacons Sleuthing Sensibilities (i.e. Openness to learn from unforeseen providential/coincidental Contacts or Outcomes) In the Other Hand, a normally depressing Rejection situation may turn out to be quite informative, a Treasure Trove of potentially great intelligence sampling opportunity. Namely, Self-reflective Intelligence on ones own Resilience Quotient, and also great intelligence sampling on ones Interlocutor’s Modus Operandi. The emergent often edifying eddies such interactions generate always handily beat any attempt to instinctively Recoil from most such fortuitous Encounters, genuine or not. The Key is to Restrain ones Ego fueled prickly Insula – Brain Circuits naturally mediating this instinctive Recoil Response, that clamoring little voice inside that urges us to watch out, there could be some Pain involved - From its Familiar Constant Primitive Default Interferences.

Hence, in a driven, prepared, strategic, astutely Oriented Mind, Approach Positive Attributes always Triumphantly Run Circles around their Negatively Charged Counterpart Recoil Attributes, Just by willfully Reverse Loading the Natural Recoil Sensitive Response Instinct Feeds. In purely Darwinian evolutionary terms, the Former (the Forward Leaning Approach) is known as the Oriented Risk Seeking Bias Or the Fight Response. The Latter (the Built in Escape Leaning Recoil) Is known as the Risk &/Or Loss Aversion Bias, i.e. The Flight Response. By Default, natural Settings for the Flight Response are often Loaded & Configured to Over-read potentially Threatening Signals, and Rightfully so, as we will see explained below.


Considering all the above, whether Unwittingly Or Intentionally, whichever Way Your Insular Brain Circuits Predominantly Tend To Load For Social Contact, Determines Your External / Life Engagement, Intervention & Default Social Profile. How come you may ask? Well, see, False Positive Jungle Beast Sightings are exactly & directly Worth Your Life’s Gene Pool continuing to reproduce in Perpetuity, instead of immediate Extinction. Because patently unreal, said True Situational Misreading cannot be more than simply Terrifying. In other words you thought you just Spotted a killer Tiger where & when there Really was None. Phew.

Conversely, False Negative Jungle Beast Sightings Are Just That; They are Terrifying & Outright Deadly. Why? Because the Killer Jungle Beasts in this Case turn out to be actually Real. You thought that you Spotted a Tiger & you might turn out as Good as Dead Meat. Thus, Over-reading this type of survival signal is Nature’s Best Known Way to Protect Us Against Potentially Deadly Jungle Beast Encounters.

Yet by my lights, in Modern Times, So Far Removed From The Antiquity’s Beastly Jungles, it is Rather Best For One To Learn How To Skillfully, Assertively & Purposefully Drive This Otherwise Often Automatic Natural Response Phenomenon Instead of Being Passively Driven by it Anymore. The Key is to Figure Out How To Creatively & Securely Handle Both Negative & Positive Threat Assessments In Social Situations, now that we as a species are Mercifully so far mostly Removed From Marauding Opportunistic Bloody Jungle Killers. Therefore, shrewdly mined situational Flops can be just as Yield Worthy as Successful Endeavors. Each Teachable Encounter, Toughens Ones Mind & Nimbleness.

Which Is Why, given all the foregoing, and in Replacement of these Old Two Legacy Approach Models, I instead Prefer a New more Creative, more Adaptive to Our Times & more Yield Worthy intermediary Approach Profile. Simply put, I Prefer my Own Approach Profile, namely, The Foxily Serendipitous Sleuthing Response (The FSR). This Approach Drives one to intentionally bravely Strive to Learn from Every Possible Situational Encounter; Flops, Success & All, instead of either Naturally Blindly Approaching in Fighting Predatory Mode Or In Flight-Quarry / Prey-Recoil Mode, always Running Away by Default Eschewing Contact, Paralyzed by Recursive Action Opportunity Robbing Fear of Failure, Mistrust Or outright Halted / Deactivated by Terribly Immobilizing Social Anxiety.

Okay folks I think this may be it, Old Charles R. Darwin is gonna be real Pissed off with me now. L.O.L. Lookout for More on this, in some future Blog Posts.

Overall, I Love Books, Fashion, Tony Style. I am fond of dissecting the lyrics & beats of rad beautiful music from a rather eclectic palate, for the same Reasons I love Haikus, Or Well Metered, nicely crafted Stanzas. Tony exquisite Dress-up, this I am partial to, it is One of the rare things that force me into instinctive double take.

I Love learning about Wealth, Net-worth, about the Neuroscience of the Oriented Mind, Oriented Attention & Oriented Intuition, about the Impact of Oriented Channeled Massive Action on The Adaptive Evolution Of Human Cognition. I Love books about Serendipity & Synchronicity, about Nature’s Odd Field Forces, about Uncertainty, and Works about Virtu & Fortuna, as High Renaissance Classics would put it.

I have happily lived & worked on 03 great Continents: North America, Europe & Africa. Australia & Asia are my next Targets. Beyond learned fluency in English & Classic French, I speak &/Or have working knowledge of a Dozen more African Languages, to include Lingala & Swahili. My next Target? Well, That would be Spanish.


I am a Deliberate, Ruthless, Probabilistic, Tenacious & Contrast Driven Medium-to-Long Term Thinker. Ruthless simply means that I will Predominantly Go where the Evidence Relevance & Propensity sends me. Counter balancing rule Confirmation exceptions apply, but they tend to be rather scant. I listen, muse & feel mostly in Chromatically Resonant Dynamic Hues.

I Love knowing about Space-Time-Now Imperatives, Probabilistic Quantum Mechanic Physics, Discrete Math, Networks Adaptation. I Love the Push, the Pull, the Feedback, & the Recursive Feed-Forward Loops that Trade across all Life’s Hues & Frontier Boundaries. Indeed, “As the radius envelope of ones knowledge grows, so does the Perimeter of ones ignorance,” This is Neil Degrasse Tyson awesomely cuing fellow John Archibald Wheeler. Wheeler also taught us about the delayed effects of spooky actions at a distance, & we further owe him for coining the phrase “Black Hole.”

My idea of Frontier-Busters include Quantum Field Physicists (Inner & Outer-Space), NASA Astronauts (Outer-Space), Neuroscientists (Inner-Space), Special Ops & T6 Navy Seals, USAF Test Fighter Pilots, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson M. M. Mandela, Neil Turok, Ellon Musk, Leilani Munter, N.J.Wildberger, Many More.


While Recently cruising Online doing research on a completely unrelated Project, I serendipitously came across this WA-Website-Platform having read a great Review by Vince. Then I visited & bookmarked Eddy Salomon’s rather fixating Website. And so, I singed-up, having persuaded myself of the Platform’s legit Likelihood.

At the moment I was quite busy trying to complete said Project, which is really my Biggest Overall Challenge. This is also the Reason Why I am Asking everyone to Please Bear With Me on this relatively too deliberate Takeoff for me. I am sure I will catch on very soon.

Fortunately, starting this very Summer’s First Week, I have secured some Coveted stretch of relative Load Flexibility sabbatical Hiatus on my regular daily work, which Opens-Up a few limited activity hours Three Days Per Week, going on forward. Thus, I can dedicate these light hours to the Business & Give This Potentially Awesome WA Endeavor The Good Old Fraternity Try.

My Objective is to assiduously Learn & Implement all, Targeting the most substantive Outcomes possible. Who knows, I might even end-up liking this Effort. Will this Endeavor be able to Effectively rise up to the ultimate challenge of allowing me put a solid Dent in my accumulated ludicrously Crushing graduate studies loan burden? I surely look forward to it. Musing aside, why not; A man can dream after all. I am a postgraduate fellow at this juncture, thus still a student. And yet, as I alluded to at the top of this Profile, I’m a Total Rookie relative to this Online Marketing business. I am doing something about it.

My Enthusiasm & Hope are buoyed by the Highly Stirring & Very Appreciated Assistance that characterize Kyle & Carson style, plus this awesome collaborative Prime Ecosystem of Wealth Building Friends. Hence, I am Confident that Steadily, I Can & Will indeed Pull this Effort Off by Transforming myself into another newly minted Wealth Building Friend thanks To Everyone.


My Salient Cravings now for stuff I do not yet know enough about involve Keyword Search Optimization, visceral understanding of How Jaax Works, Digital Platform Monetization, Traffic Assessments, Niche marketing optimization (Mass/Personalized /Targeted/Individualized), Network Cryptography & Security.

There you have it folks, a rather extensive profile. Now I wanna take on the Business side itself.

QFIntrepid / Profile, Wednesday June 29/2016.
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Hi Guys. Your Caring spirit Is very much appreciated. I actually need more Specificity, however, here are my current Leading number estimates.

QUESTION #1: How much money would you be happy earning?
Answer: $29.000 Per Month.
The Sooner I can earn 29% of this amount, the more flexibility I will Gain in Being able to fold more time into my online business schedule.

QUESTION #2: How much would you be ecstatic earning?
Answer: $39.000 Per Month.

QUESTION #3: And how much TIME are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
As Much As I Can Afford. Right now, starting this First Week of summer 2016, I have
4:45 Hours/Day/Three Days A Week.

I am certain this will require more specification as we move forwards, but I am fired up & ready to go.
Thanks. Thursday, June 30th/2016, 5:36 PM
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QFIntrepid Premium
Hi Guys. Your Caring spirit Is very much appreciated. I actually need more Specificity, however, here are my current Leading number estimates.

QUESTION #1: How much money would you be happy earning?
Answer: $29.000 Per Month.
The Sooner I can earn 29% of this amount, the more flexibility I will Gain in Being able to fold more time into my online business schedule.

QUESTION #2: How much would you be ecstatic earning?
Answer: $39.000 Per Month.

QUESTION #3: And how much TIME are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
As Much As I Can Afford. Right now, starting this First Week of summer 2016, I have
4:45 Hours/Day/Three Days A Week.

I am certain this will require more specification as we move forwards, but I am fired up & ready to go.
Thanks. Thursday, June 30th/2016, 5:36 PM
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I forgot to mention the other day that I am going to still be offering you my awesome bonuses if you join within the next 4 days.

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Just wondering if you have any questions :) Noticed you've been here at WA for a few days now.
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Hey Nkinzo...just saying hello. Just wanted to let you know as well that there is about 1 day left I think, if you wanted to get that Premium membership at 59% off. It's a pretty good deal. If not, no worries. Just didn't want you to miss out by me not telling you.

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