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Hello all, my name is Leo and I live in the Bay Area California. I am soon to be married and in my profile pic is my newborn baby girl on Moms shoulder taking a nap =) I also have a daughter that is soon to be 13yrs old. Right now I have been spending my time at home enjoying every moment I can with my family.

I owned a Private Security Company for around 12 years and for the last year business has dwindled down to me having no contracts with no means to recover. While searching for my next oportunity for income I came across WA and right now doing alot of reading. I am in the beggining stages of the 12 week program. To be exact the part where it says go check out your My WA and write something!! I am new to affiliate marketing so Im going rather slow. Its almost as if this is all a diffrent language!!

Thats about where I am at right now. Im sure I will post again with a bunch of questions as soon as I can put an inteligent one together =)

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CoachEd Premium
Welcome to WA and work hard at learning for now.
cashflow+ Premium
Welcome I also am from the Bay Area I live in Crockett. may success be with you here at WA. Cheers!
Labman Premium
Welcome to WA
Spanky Premium
Hey Leo, welcome to WA. Give yourself time to learn and then start implementing what you learn. To your success!
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family