Questions by Proprov 14

Is anyone else experiencing missing alerts?
Recently I have noticed that I haven't been receiving alerts for when…
8 months ago 26 Replies
Can I get help with black friday details?
I have a hard time navigating and I don't know where to find my Starred/saved…
8 months ago 8 Replies
Do i no follow, sponsored etc.which?
I want to link to an article on the internet as a reference, what designation…
8 months ago 24 Replies
Will someone point me to a how to set up external links?
I need to link to other articles on Medium and Quora and its not sinking…
8 months ago 9 Replies
Missing email alerts for other members blog postngs?
Thank you for your time and consideration. Lately I have noticed that…
9 months ago 3 Replies
Can I request a google crawl?
I seem to remember seeing an earlier question about having Google crawl…
10 months ago 7 Replies
Do I publish my next blog as a page or a post?t
I'm not sure where I keep messing up so...Do I publish my blog as post…
10 months ago 20 Replies
Whats wrong with my website?
Everything that I see when I go to my website through site manager shows…
10 months ago 16 Replies
Why do I make things harder than they need to be?
I wrote and published my latest article, but its been nearly a day and…
10 months ago 23 Replies
Now what did I do?
Thanks to some great advice I was able to get my article POSTED. As usual…
10 months ago 6 Replies
Why can't I upload my own photo?
Yesterday i introduced Marcus with a photo of him. Today I'm trying to…
11 months ago 6 Replies
Does site content auto save?
I lost internet just as I was finishing my content and now I can't find…
11 months ago 9 Replies
Ok to message someone that I gave site feedback to?
I wanted to know if its ok to message someone that I did a site feedback…
11 months ago 22 Replies
Why does might site say that it may be up for sale?
When someone goes to my site they have to click past a message saying…
11 months ago 5 Replies