What's in it for my readers?

Last Update: April 10, 2015

When you write your content don't think "What's in it for me?" People are not interested in how you are going to benefit, rather they are going to be interested in "What's in it for me?". You therefore need to write from their perspective.

What do they want or need? Can you answer their questions?

Quite often 'how to' type posts are good because they are some of the most popular searches online. Once you get traffic to your site you must make sure that you fully answer the 'how to' for them.

Before you publish your post read it from another's perspective and not your own, in fact you could ask a friend to read it through for you and gain their opinion.

Always remember to think "What's in it for my readers?"

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andreagerak Premium
Absolutely! Number 1 tip, before writing about anything.
neilc Premium
Thanks for the great tips here and I aim to write a lot of reviews and "How To" type posts. Neil
profitsrgood Premium
My pleasure :-)