What Have YOU Done To Move Your Business Foward Today?

Last Update: December 18, 2015

I was just commenting on a friends blog post. She crafted a really good post in fact ...

Her post was one of the best I've read since being back here at WA.

While writing that comment I realized it might help someome stay focused on their WA goal of learning to make money on the Internet so ...

I thought I'd post what I wrote because IF you are like me sometimes it's difficult to stay focused, ontrack and get something done that actually helps move the business forward. And, really ...

Isn't that why most of us are here?

To learn?

To do?

To achieve? Anyway ...

What will you do to move your business forward today?

THAT question is the one I ask myself each and every day when I do my "to do" list. And, until it (the list) is finished ...

I do NOT quit,

I do NOT rack out.

So that is why I am here at 07:21 writing this post and then I'm outta here to catch some shut eye.

It's important to remember EXACTLY why one is here and that's to learn.

To dig in, study and DO what we learn. And sometimes staying focused on the goal is extremely difficult.

So like bathing (she had brought up Zig Ziglers quote on the similarities of motivation and bathing) it is very important to motivate ones-self in the proper direction - to stay focused on the main priority which for me, ultimately, is increasing my earnings. Helping others is awesome but ...

It all boils down to this: At the end of the day what exactly have I done to move my business forward? Did I get my "to do" list done or did I allow other things to deter me?

1. - Did I get that blog post crafted?

2. - Did I get that "tweak" done on my squeeze page?

3. - Did I send traffic to that "tweaked" page to see if performance increased with the next 1,000 hits?

4. - Did I finish the new squeeze page for my new series and niche'?

5. - Did I get that next email in my new series finished?

What EXACTLY did I accomplish that moved my business forward?

Wow ... I need to copy this for another training email. So as I write this I am also adding this post to my "to do" list for tomarrow :-) lmao

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ClareG Premium
Great post! Answer to your question: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! I'm feeling so distracted with family etc right now that I have barely looked at WA for a week now. GRRR. So excited to get started again once everyone has gone back to their own homes :)
Profithog Premium
Thanks Clare - yep Christmas and New Years truly does make it more dificult to do business (with family around causing copious distractions) BUT ... remember, some of those family members may someday NOT be at your table. ENJOY them while you and they are both here to enjoy each other. HAPPY New Year my friend :-) :-)
ClareG Premium
I quite agree with you. My parents are 70 and visiting me here in New Zealand and I feel very much that time with them is important. My websites can wait until the new year, :) Happy 2016 to you. O ProfitHog!
mrwalt01 Premium
Awesome blog post on why it is important to write down your goals so that you can stay focused on the task at hand. It is so easy to get distracted that it is almost a must nowadays that you have a to do list.
Profithog Premium
Thanks Sean and yes a "to do" list is important, especially if one actually complete's the tasks on a daily basis.
JudeP Premium
Thank you for saying it was one of the best you've seen since you've been back - I really appreciate that as I haven't been here for too long. It means a lot :)
Profithog Premium
It's the truth. You did good :-)
paulgoodwin Premium
Hello and nice blog and it is correct what you say but then something always seems to appear out of nowhere - for example I managed to send my site to Bing to update and as I did I looked at the review that they had done and I have 50 hi text errors on different pages so now I have to wade through all. My pages but thing is I cannot understand what they mean - that's the life !!!!
Profithog Premium
hi text errors? hmmmm ... I don't even know what that is lol you should ask Jay or Kyle
LLiu Premium
I liked your blog. Very helpful and inspiring for me.
Thank you so much for posting this!
Linda :))
Profithog Premium
You are very welcome LLiu!