Make SIGNIFICANTLY More Money by Focusing on Conversions

Last Update: April 29, 2016

I promised you all that I’d share the lessons resonating with me in my personal business once a month. Today, that lesson is conversion optimization. More specifically, not putting conversion optimization off.

I knew one of my niche sites was WAY under-optimized, but I just dreaded putting in the legwork because it’s not a project I enjoy working on very much any more. But lo and behold, I hit a standstill with one of my other projects. Instead of using it as an excuse to take some time off, I doubled my affiliate income from that site over the course of about two weeks.

If you have traffic, and you haven't optimized for conversions, you're flushing money down the toilet.

Pay attention to that qualifying statement, because it's important.

Spending a bunch of time focusing on conversions, sales funnels, email opt-ins, etc. doesn't do a whole lot of good if you're getting three visitors per day. At that stage of your business, you're much better off focusing on content production and increasing traffic.

But once you're getting a couple hundred visitors per day, you're crazy if you're not optimizing your site for conversions.

Optimizing your site for conversions does NOT mean...

  • Plastering it with a bunch of banner ads
  • Pushing a product that you’re not sure is high quality
  • Capturing emails without any idea what to do with them

Conversion optimization is an entire field of study in itself. Even I’m far from great at it after years in this business, and I still sometimes contract help from experts. But I gladly pay high hourly rates to some of these professionals ($125 - $250 per hour), because this is one of the only places in your internet business that you can receive exponential returns on your investment.

For example, let’s say your site is making $100 per month as-is, without any optimization at all. If you optimize your site so that twice as many people are arriving on your most important, valuable pages, now you’re making $200 per month.

Now if you optimize that page to double how many people are buying through your affiliate links (or signing up, submitting their lead information, etc.), you’re now making $400 per month.

Then if you start collecting emails by offering a really high value, free giveaway and create an autoresponder campaign. If you double your commissions through that email list, you’re now making $800 per month.

And just like that, you’ve gone from $1200 per year in income to $9600. Not too bad for a few weeks of testing.

Now if you double your traffic by continuing to produce really high quality content, you've setup a much better "net", and you'll make $1600 per month with that site instead of $200. Getting more traffic is great, but getting more traffic with optimized conversion rates is what pro internet marketers cut their teeth on.

But… HOW?!

As I mentioned earlier, A LOT goes into conversion optimization. It’s WAYYY outside of the scope of a single blog post.

There are a lot of resources here at WA you can look up using the search bar, but here are the general best practices to keep in mind:

1) Never write a check with your advertising that your product can’t cash. Flashy headlines are great, but if you deliver a Ford Fiesta when you sold your follower a Rolls Royce, they’re not going to be following you for much longer.

2) Constantly A/B split test. Testing headlines, sub-headlines, banners, different email messages, etc. ALL can have a huge impact on your bottom line, especially when they’re added up. There are a lot of tools out there that will help you with this, some paid and some free. A simple Google search will turn up quite a few.

3) On that note, isolate the optimizations you’re testing. Don’t split test an entire page change at once. If your conversion rates go up or down, you won’t know if it’s because your headlines are converting better, the copy on the page is converting better, if it’s due to the new graphics, a different color, or something else. The only way to get truly valid conversion optimization results is by testing one thing at a time. Of course this prolongs the amount of time you spend testing, but it’s essential.

4) Getting 20 results isn’t statistically significant. Make sure you gather enough data during your A/B tests that the data is dependable. There are statistical significance calculators online for free as well - use them if you need to.

5) The more options you give someone, the less likely they are to convert at all. It’s generally a best practice to only have one major call to action site-wide, and then pitch other offers down the road after you’ve converted the visitor on the first call to action. This isn’t always the best way to optimize, but if you have a site plastered with 7 different calls to action in the right-side margins, you’re hurting yourself A LOT more than you’re helping yourself.

Additional Resources

As I mentioned, there are some great resources on this topic here at Wealthy Affiliate that you can sink your teeth into if you have traffic and think this is something you should be focusing on. In addition to those, I highly recommend these three books:

  1. "Landing Page Optimization" by Ash, Page, and Ginty
  2. "Email Marketing by the Numbers" by Baggott
  3. "The Ultimate Sales Letter" by Kennedy

Those are excellent foundations for website optimization, email marketing, and sales copy respectively.

Back to Work!

Alright kids, I’ve gotta get back to work. But I made a commitment to you all and I want to do my level-best to keep it, so learn from my mistakes: don’t put off conversion optimization. I’d probably have another $50k in the bank if I hadn’t put it off as long as I did, and let me tell ya, I can think of a thing or two I’d do with $50k today ;)

Everyone have a wonderful weekend - stay safe out there!

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jolico Premium
Can never have to much valuable information. Thank You

mybiz4u Premium
Thnx, Pribs.
StefanC Premium
Great post thank you so much. Last week I was able to double the conversion of just one link by changing the call to action message. I discovered Optimizely for A/b testing and it's fantastic! As you said, I am doing tests one by one to see what is causing the increase or decrease. Then, I apply what I did to one post to the other and see if it has the same effect. Normally yes... I focus on my most popular pages first as the effect of one single change will be bigger. Also, the more people visit one given post, the faster it is to achieve statistical significance for that change.
I get around 700 visits per day on my site, so I was indeed leaving money on the table by not measuring conversions. So now I just see myself struggling to decide where to focus my free time. More content or more conversion? I think half and Half at the moment, until I achieve a much better overall conversion.
kmotte Premium
Thanks for the blog. I love reading your blogs.
CoolCrazyDan Premium
Thanks You helped me to focus on the exact things I should be focusing on right now, content and traffic, then I will move on from there to optimization, investing back into my business until I find that winning combination.
Appreciate all You do.
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Thanks for this knowledge, added to favorites :)
sherryslr Premium
Thanks, Ian, GREAT discussion. This really helps me set my priorities to get that content flowing. I keep wanting to jump ahead and work on learning about various optimization strategies.

LOTS of really essential points in this post! Than you!!
DeniseOlsen5 Premium
Thanks for the great information! Not sure I totally understand how to do it, but I will get it figured out1
Mouflon Premium
Thanks for the great advice, Ian! Which book would you recommend to read first?
pribs Premium
Hmm... Probably Email Marketing by the Numbers, followed by Landing Page Optimization, followed by The Ultimate Sales Letter. I think that sequence would make the most sense, and optimize sequential results.
Marcel92 Premium
Great post, Ian. Thank you for sharing.
aminkajtih Premium
thats one of a hell post !! thank you so much , can you tell me whats your main source of traffic except SEO.
thank you so much for the informations above
pribs Premium
SEO is the ONLY source of traffic for some of my sites. Other sites are supplemented by video.
forresth1 Premium
nice post thanks for sharing
JeffBoivin Premium
Thanks body for sharing ! I like to learn from other people experience ( read mistakes ) I can't live long enought to make all the mistakes :P So I took serious notes :)
I work on my content and traffic then I"ll be back to your optimizagtion list. Cheers, Jeff
JamesBB Premium
Nice post Ian, thanks for this. I made several changes the other week to a site and got results, but now don't know which change made the results change .. wish you wrote this a couple of weeks ago !
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I am bookmarking this one to study! Thanks.
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Another great post, thanks Ian!
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Awesome buddy! Thanks Ian my great mentor.
pribs Premium
It always puts a smile on my face when you turn up, Cena :) Glad you stuck with it after all these years, and that you're finally making decent money to reward you for all of your hard efforts!
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A millions thanks! Because of you, I found my way here. You never turn down a single question I ask. You give me not just an answer but more than I expect. You put in your own time to find out what I did wrong or missing. Thank you my dear buddy.
pribs Premium
Of course, Cena! I'm always more than happy to help a referral that's working hard to help themselves. That ABSOLUTELY describes you, and nothing brings me more joy than seeing a referral's internet business begin to blossom :)
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Thanks, you have put a load of great info here.
pribs Premium
I'm glad you found it helpful, Lynda!
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Thanks Ian. Very helpful.
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Good advice.
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Great article Ian. Love reading you stuff!

Have a good one...
pribs Premium
You too, TK! Glad you enjoyed it :)
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Thank you Ian for the post. I've recently made some changes to my bootcamp site and doubled my sign ups.
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great post .
lots of valuable info