Why I appreciate Affiliate Marketing . .

Last Update: November 14, 2018

I really appreciate the idea of affiliate marketing . I've always had a really hard time staying on jobs and whenever I did have a job, I would have to catch the bus and in the winter time, that's sooo not ideal. (Sometimes the bus doesn't drop you off right infront of the place your trying to get to :( ) I had to catch the bus because of a car accident I was in the year of 2008. I didn't have insurance so my license got suspended. There have been times that I've had to walk to work because the bus didn't run at a certain time after work and there were no Ubers around to come pick me up. Although it would only be an hour, it would be really late at night and that's of course not good for a young woman. Plus, it was really cold at the time. .One time I had to stay out side of my job almost all night because the cab never came . . It was so horrible.
When I start marking money from affiliate marketing I will be able to pay my bills, a load will be lifted off my parents shoulders, and I won't have to worry about the hassle that comes with catching bus or just with trying to make a little money period. I won't be on the verge of stressing out all the time.
- Also, I've prayed for God to direct my paths monetarily, I just know this is what He'd rather me do than working in a warehouse. If I do end up having to work in a warehouse though, I will still be faithful to Him until I can do better. A call center job would definitely be better though. I would've never thought that I'd come across something as fun and easy to do as affiliate marketing is. Working from home is a better option for me and I thank God for the idea.
If I am not successful at affiliate marketing (Hopefully, that is not the case.), I will atleast try to get into a Call Center again . . I was most happiest there. I've had to deal with self confidence issues growing up and and working in a warehouse would just not be ideal, but if I had to work in one, I'd be strong and I'd still do my best with an excellent attitude.

Affiliate Marketing has taught me, I'm no sob story and that there is still a chance for me.

Thanks for reading my story and I wish everyone the best in their Affiliate Marketing dreams :)

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VictorF22 Premium
Wish you the best here! Nice story my friend.