Small Successes & Huge Accomplishments

Last Update: December 14, 2018

So I finally was able to purchase Premium !! So happy because I can finally learn and get expert tips on making the most profitable website. I might've been unsuccessful at first, but I will definitely come back stronger that ever !! My last website actually got shut down because I was no longer able to use the links. It was through Rakuten Marketing, sadly. I really liked that company, but the way they disabled all my links like that after I had been working to perfect that website for a WHOLE YEAR really got to me. I was going to give up, but I want to try again and do everything right so that there are no mistakes and so that no one can have any reason to bash me.

That's why I am proud of my decision to work with Wealthy Affiliate. I can learn step by step how to create my website and create it the correct way. I feel that this is a success post because I was trying for so long to be able to purchase Premium, but I could only use a prepaid card at the time and there is not an option for that yet. I started a bank account at Region's with my taxes from last year and was able to make the payment with my debit card ! So that is why I feel as if this is a success post because I was finally able to do something that I'd been trying to do for weeks. Small Successes lead to MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS !!

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Marley2016 Premium
Congratulations on going Premium and welcome to the family.
So sorry that you lost all that hard work and I think you are
going to find with WA none of that will happen. Set your goals
and try to stick to them you will see success before you know
herinnelson Premium
Wonderful post, Precious! (Love your name!!) The very same thing happened to me with Amazon. It's frustrating, but coming back stronger than ever is a great way to progress! I wish you all the very best and nice to connect!

Erin :)!
RoseAnn1234 Premium
Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing you move on. This training is awesome there is just so much. And the community will give you guidance if you get stuck.