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December 17, 2018
I was shocked when I went on the BBB website and saw that Wealthy Affiliate was marked as F. I definitely wrote a review stating my personal experiences and facts about Wealthy Affiliate.There is Step by Step Training available to those who are new to Affiliate Marketing and even to those that are not new and just want to make sure that they are on the right track.The Step by Step Training creates qualified and educated Affiliate Marketers for companies to work with.The community is full of goo
So I finally was able to purchase Premium !! So happy because I can finally learn and get expert tips on making the most profitable website. I might've been unsuccessful at first, but I will definitely come back stronger that ever !! My last website actually got shut down because I was no longer able to use the links. It was through Rakuten Marketing, sadly. I really liked that company, but the way they disabled all my links like that after I had been working to perfect that website for a WHOLE
I really appreciate the idea of affiliate marketing . I've always had a really hard time staying on jobs and whenever I did have a job, I would have to catch the bus and in the winter time, that's sooo not ideal. (Sometimes the bus doesn't drop you off right infront of the place your trying to get to :( ) I had to catch the bus because of a car accident I was in the year of 2008. I didn't have insurance so my license got suspended. There have been times that I've had to walk to work bec
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November 13, 2018
I am apart of beauty and so are many others ! That's why I am choosing to promote beauty brands and products . Beauty to me is love and EVERYONE loves beauty . Just think of nature and the flowers and butterflies that come in the springtime because of it or a beautiful wife that a husband marries and adores :) He'd be all over her all the time ! With the way youtubers and people on Facebook are creating videos these days and large audience it brings, I'm sure to meet the goals I've set out to a