What Is True About Wealthy Affiliate After One Year?

Last Update: February 27, 2017

By Iris&Sam Richardson

Our Truth Here At Wealthy Affiliates "PowerParadise"

Hi, WA.I must admit that WA is not a perfect choice for everyone. Wealthy affiliates teaches people how to build a business and how to develop a business and take it to the next level. So, in a nutshell, it teaches you marketing. If you are not ready to learn and act as if the whole concept of making money online is not for you. So can you really benefit from this program? This was the best year ever for our business we call now "PowerParadise".

What can you accomplish in one year? My question what did you accomplish in one year working at let's say example: P&G is a well know firm in Cincinnati,Ohio. We are not talking about using your credit card. You were able to survive and build on your dreams you have, that doesn't change while you are working online.

With the training at WA we have become real online marketers and we're not scared at what is next, because we learned the truth about everything there is to know about online marketing. We have done this for seven years and fought out all things that say quit.

What are your options? Where are you going to work at for 40 plus years starting at 24 to 27. Where are you going to invest? Who can you work with and trust?

Why get involved with Online Marketing?

A person who wants to earn additional income to supplement their wages.

Housewives and dads who have little free time and are willing to pass in front of the computer.

Students who want to earn money to help pay for their education, some students built six turnovers from their bedroom, with a rich subsidiary.

People who want to get more visibility online.

Retirees who have free time and want to supplement their pensions.

People who are tired of 5-9 and want to start their own business. Many affluent affiliates have been able to quit their "daily work" to do permanent online marketing (I fall into this category)

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliates is the best choice for those who are trying to make money at home, but you have to understand that you need to invest your time and effort to make it work. This program will teach you how to build a business - and any business, online or offline requires an investment of time, effort and money in general.

The big difference between starting an online business rather than a traditional brick and mortar store is that you do not need a start up capital to start online. We do not even need money to join this community, free basic membership gives you everything you need to get started: including 2 free hosted sites, training and all the support you need. So, There you have it.

Mindset Is Key,


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renatopengue Premium
Very encouraging article, I have lots time during the week I can make this work too. thank you
pparadise Premium
You got it and it will become simple.
apearce56 Premium
Great info. I like your call out- every day idle is wasting time.
pparadise Premium
Thanks and you are welcome.
WaynePro Premium
Great post and great message. Thanks for sharing.

pparadise Premium
You are welcome.
MartinRay Premium
I agree completely. I plan on making this work and I have a great resource in WA. Thanks for sharing.
pparadise Premium
You will and best of luck to you.
kasage00 Premium
I also fall into the category of quitting the 9-5 and wanting to start my own business
pparadise Premium
You can do it.